Thaksin adds another title

It is getting a bit tiring to keep writing about the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra. However it seems he does keep providing adequate material to write about. So aside from him being a fugitive, traitor and treasonist, he has now added another highly admirable title to match the ones we just listed.

To have his legal spokesman Noppadon Pattama announce the terms for negotiation must include dissolving parliament and dropping all charges against him most certainly matches extortion, or at the very least attempted extortion. This however points out the true reason for this post, and that is Thaksin is getting bad intelligence reports or his mental state has deteriorated to the point of hallucination.

Quoting The Nation;

Noppadon calls for House dissolution, election as conditions for talk

Noppadon Pattama, a legal advisor of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, said Sunday that a political reconciliation could be reached only if all legal cases against Thaksin were undone and justice was returned to him and everything would reversed back to the time before the 2006 coup.

Noppadon said a talk between Thaksin’s side and the government could be held only on three conditions.

“First, the 1997 charter or a draft with similar content must be enacted. Second, the House of Representatives must be dissolved. Third, a new election must be held and all sides and all colours must ratify a pact that they will accept the election results and will not make any move outside Parliament to undermine the country administration or disrupt the administration or else the same old circle will return,” Noppadon said.

The fact is simply, Thaksin is not in as strong of a position as he seems to think he is. The number of people attending recent Red Shirt rallies has been far short of the numbers on and before the April 2009 Red Shirt riots. The people attending have been boiled down to what could be called the hard core group, and that is only about 25% of the size of what it was.

The Red Shirts that are doing their best to keep government’s support from the people in the north and in Isaan do not need big numbers. It also seems they come from far distances to attack government officials and not from the local neighborhood. There may be a few locals in each case, but clearly not everyone. In fact in many instances they are chased away by the locals for standing in the way of government help. Add to that the fact people in what could be called Thaksin country are sporting more and more yellow shirts as apposed to red shirts also says a lot. Before you would risk physical harm from the Red Shirts if you did so.

Much of this does not find its way to main stream media. But as many long time readers have figured out Connecting the Dots does have a fairly functional network that provides accurate inside information that helps us make our accurate predictions.

The one factor that is not considered is how much people buying has been going on unseen. The people Thaksin has bought will be sleepers and not known about until after the fact. For example, if Thaksin bought a judge it would not be discovered until after he or she ruled, hence the term sleeper. But in this instance for Thaksin to attempt extortion as he is doing requires his leverage to be 100% visible to the government. What he is doing with sleepers is more to save his amassed billions from a court ruling that would send it to government coffers where it truly belongs.

As for The way Thaksin appears to third parties; he is most certainly a pain in the ass with enough money to sty ahead of the reach of the law. However he has lost much of his following due to self inflicted wounds like being seen as a traitor, and making negative comments about the King on more than one occasion.

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