Terrorism security shortcomings

When you look at the fallout of the failures that allowed someone to be in a position to commit an act of terrorism, it almost looks comical if viewed from a distance. The reactions have a certain knee jerk flavor to them. But dig a little deeper and you will see other reasons that follow an entirely different script.

To be straight forward from the go, there is no way to completely protect an aircraft from a security breach. When you are trying to provide security in a high traffic public setting, it can be like stopping the wind with a screen door. The root of the problem as said by one US politician is the security procedures are too politically correct. We only mention that because it reflects what we have been seeing right along with the negative effects of political correctness. So to have a politician support that simply adds clout to the anti political correct movement.

So what that translates to is if you plan to fly, be ready to show it all off if asked. If security thinks or suspects you underwear is laced with explosives get ready for a strip search as they check out your funky underwear skid marks and all while wearing latex gloves. Your body is no longer private once you step into that security line. If you complain, then get ready to take a bus or a train because they are not going to listen to your alleged outrage.

Getting to the knee jerk reaction to this latest attempt by locking everyone in their seats for the last hour, at the very least this is seen as grasping for straws. It clearly shows another effort to be politically correct, and also how foolish it is. The need to get down and dirty before boarding is where things need to be.

One thing has also appeared is proactive passengers can be just as effective as security. The numbers will always be in favor of the intended victims. So to teach the traveling public and encourage them to be proactive when it comes to situations that physical force is called for is the best method. Simply change the sheep into wolves and for the most part any potential terrorist will have a hard time as they expect sheep and not wolves in that aircraft cabin. That is the best approach, and yes it is totally politically incorrect and that is why it will work.

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