Iran’s democracy flame burns hotter

It is becoming very obvious that sooner or later there will be significant political changes in Iran. Between the street protests that were spawned by the rigged presidential elections, and the United Nations up in arms about nuclear arms, to say the heat is on is an understatement.

Look at the news from Iran and you can clearly see the seeds that were planted in the rigged 2009 presidential elections have taken root. The protests have become more vocal, and in turn the governments response has become more deliberately deadly. Unfortunately for the dictators in the Iranian government, the political chain reaction that is heading to critical mass is only further fueled by trying to kill protestors who are exercising democracy. Simply fear has been replaced with anger.

It also seems the protesting Iranians have at least taken up a sort of semi platonic relationship with the governments opposed to the nuclear weapon ambitions if the dictators. Although they may not agree to be for or against Iran having nuclear weapons, the bond of a common enemy unites them. Sanctions that will ultimately hurt the Iranian people will spur them on.

Certainly the next step will be more direct attacks on the Iranian government, and shifts from peaceful to full on assaults to storm the government are likely options. To be shot like fish in a barrel or to go down trying to unseat the dictators, the full on assault clearly sounds like the better option. As clearly some will die, we are reminded that the price for freedom and democracy is not free.

It is hard to say how this will all turn out, and it is clear more blood will be spilled. But with significant numbers of Iranians too young to remember the events of the 1970’s, Iran is likely to see the political pendulum swing the other way very soon.

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