Iraq politics vs reality fallout

Unfortunately for the people living in Iraq, the reality of US and Iraqi political decisions is costing lives. As the US military continues leaving, the porosity of the Iraq military and security becomes very visible and obviously not ready for the task.

Politics does not mix well with many things. Engineers and politicians are a no go from the word go when a politician demands things that are physically impossible to achieve. A politician may make a promise that project ‘x’ will be open on the 1st of the month. However the drying cement could care less what the politician wants and will not be ready until the 15th of the month. So by opening before it is ready is a match made in hell with countless unnecessary problems caused by the revolting cement. Fortunately in some countries there are quality control bodies that override the politician. That is not the case in Iraq.

Point in note, Long before the political decision was made that date adios would be on whatever date they decided, it was obvious to the casual observer by way of the news that the selected date had nothing at all to do with reality. This is not a Disney movie where some ragtag group outwits the bad guys to win the day, this is all about the real world and bad guys who perhaps have been sampling the local opium several times too many.

The removal of security walls to improve the esthetics of Baghdad was simply foolish as the conflict was far from over. That fact was highlighted as withing hours of the security wall being removed a car bomb or some other attack took advantage of the invitation.

Collectively the situation is far from over, and attacks continue to mount and dead bodies are gathered by the ton. The reality is simply politics and reality do not mix. As undesirable as it is for Americans to be in Iraq, it was a situation they started when the cork named Saddam Hussein was removed from the bottle of bad guys. Saddam’s formula was simple yet effective, and that was to be worse than the bad guys.

It appears the Iraqi government has no desire to become what it despised, so without a top notch military to keep things in order, the bad guys look to eventually win thus wasting the entire US effort. That is the reality of what is going on in Iraq. So where politicians and engineers have differences, so do they with generals who call it like it is. The weak stomach Americans have that was brought on by political correctness has also contributed to this mess.

The politicians do what the people want, and those people have been made weak by political correctness, that results in the US military leaving prematurly, and innocent people in Iraq die. That certainly is a very clear cut chain of events that few can dispute. It is amazing that political correctness that was meant to not hurt peoples feelings, is actually resulting in people dying in Iraq along with a few other places in the world where the fantasy bubble of political correctness comes in contact with reality.

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