The Tiger Woods sex therapy joke

It is not often Connecting the Dots gets a chance to point out total lunacy for the public’s eye. So here we have Tiger Woods undergoing unproven therapy to stop him from being human.

Pardon us if we give this both barrels from our shotgun, but this was just one we could not pass up. After we managed to unstuck our eyes because they rolled so far up into our head, we felt this to be a needed public service announcement.

Straight to the point, Tiger Woods is human and he did what humans are programmed by nature to do. In fact all things on this earth from plants to whales are programmed to do exactly the same thing. That thing is to go through the acts of making more of themselves. Whether that act is successful or not is irrelevant, it is the act that nature drives us to perform. The sex therapy Tiger Woods is going under is meant to somehow say that act is wrong and to remove natures programming.

If we have not learned yet not to mess with nature by what we did to the planet, we are now undertaking the development of sex therapy to cause impotence. This is total quackery in the form it is taking for Tiger Woods, and is more for a public relations campaign than therapy. After all what man in his right mind would look forward to impotence.

The only therapy for sex that is correct is therapy that helps people perform natures act. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective when it comes to sex therapy to get things working again the way nature intended. For men erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation hypnotherapy stands second to non. The key is finding a hypnotherapist that specializes in this as it is a specialty of the field.

But getting back to Tiger Woods, his problem was simply falling prey to seduction and that has little to do with sex therapy. Seduction is also part of natures programing for every living things except plants. Even the simplest of organisms send out a form of pheromones to attract. So this so called sex therapy for Tiger is to do something about that attraction thing that is so wrong.

The bottom line is once again, this is totally for public relations and has nothing at all to do with any therapy a sane man would want. We further would add this therapy was probably dreamed up by kin of Lorena Bobbitt who promptly cut off her husbands penis.

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