Thaksin rejects assets court ruling

To nobody’s surprise Thaksin has rejected the court ruling that said 46 Billion baht in his bank accounts belongs to the Thai people. With less than subtle hints of revenge, there has just been one more thing added to Thaksin’s undo list that was started the day of the Coup than unseated him.

Thaksin can say what he wants about the ruling, but when you simplify the ruling it is very fair and just. The courts simply took the money that was a direct result of Thaksin’s manipulation as Prime Minister. That money simply belongs to the Thai people and the court simply returned it to them. It also shows just how much Thaksin was ripping off his supporters with his one for you and nine for me attitude. The lesser education of his supporters allowed Thaksin to do this without them even being aware of it. As for the other money, the court found it to belong to Thaksin before he was Prime Minister.

There are other issues like hiding his massive wealth such as dropping (2) zeros from his declared wealth, and that has opened doors for other legal action against Thaksin. This ruling simply shows Thaksin’s systematic raping of Thailand.

The problem about this ruling is it will directly impact the Red Shirts. If the Red Shirts say anything at all negative about the ruling it will be seen as contempt of court. For contempt of court charges there is a fast track to jail that can be as soon as next day for disrespecting the courts. Based on some news reports, there looks to be some early casualties.

With Thaksin’s mentality, if he was ever returned to power he would simply open up the state coffers and take back the money the courts ruled did not belong to him. With that mentality there is no negotiation with Thaksin because for that to happen both sides must show signs of sanity, and remorse on Thaksin’s part.

As for the on going saga in Thailand, this ruling will cause negative repercussions for Thaksin in his other business dealings outside of Thailand. It will also provide a better understanding to international companies as to what they can expect if they decide to open shop in Thailand.

This ruling also shows politicians who are looking to mimic Thaksin at some level, think twice as things have changed and payment due and not payment waved is the bottom line.

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