Why some western men commit suicide in Thailand Part 2

So when It comes to allowing a man dignity Thailand works to insure it with stinging laws and heavy jail time. Places where political correctness exist simply strip away a persons dignity one layer at a time, and a person without dignity is not a person at all.

If you ever noticed that when you try to get into a hot tub, your body reacts to the shock and you slowly get in. But if the water was skin temperature and then raised while you were in it, you would not even notice it very much. In short it is the contrast the gets our attention.

When a man comes to Thailand the contrast in political correctness is very obvious. In going from walking on eggshells to being allowed to speak your mind knowing people were not going to be upset and break down in tears is great. It reduces stress and anxiety to be free to express an observation or an opinion knowing full well some people will not agree. This is part of dignity to be able to make your own choices in what to say. To be treated like a child and punished for speaking ones mind is very undignified to an adult and particularly so to a male.

This is first realized when a person returns to their home country. The huge contrast is like a non smoker walking into a smoke filled room. Very simply it is choking and realizing the loss of dignity living there. Once that happens depression quickly sets in and the psychology of knowing there is a place called Thailand that dignity can be found becomes a magnet drawing people back.

Also the attitudes people have and women using sex as leverage can be found in the west. In Thailand attitudes do not exist, and sex is abundant removing any leverage woman may use. Any particular woman is far from being the only flower in the field, and western men are seen as a prize catch by Thai woman. So with that ego boost being felt by men, and then facing going back home to people generally being grumpy and discontent while being subject to manipulation via sex, also compounds the depression.

With the cost of living being so inexpensive in Thailand, many people that have not yet retired may find working part time adequate. For example people that do not need to be physically present and use the Internet for work may find working 20 or 30 hours a month pays the bills. Doing that and having money left over for recreation is a real positive reason to stay in Thailand. When faced with going back and needing to work full time just to pay the bills never mind having beer money, simply adds another layer of depression.

There are many other reasons that simply are to numerous to list, but you can clearly see the reasons associated with suicide are tied to leaving Thailand, and returning to what could easily defined as hell. People facing financial problems in Thailand know it will be many times worse, and probably living in what could be defined as poverty also are factors that contribute to depression leading to suicide. So in short suicide is tied to other places, but happens in Thailand when faced with the prospects of returning to life in those other places.

If you take a look at the reasons listed, they very closely mirror reasons why children commit suicide. The social pressures are often too much for them. Being bullied is a form of loss of dignity, and pressure to fit in simply raises stress. Political correctness has become to many an extension of the schoolyard bully. The bully often uses extortion in exchange for not getting beaten up. If you do not comply with political correctness, you will receive a very similar beating by perhaps losing your job and further removing your dignity.

Money can not buy happiness and the basic emotional needs of being human, and that is Thailand’s magic formula and another reason why it is called the land of smiles.

One Response to Why some western men commit suicide in Thailand Part 2

  1. Paul C. Parvis says:

    I believe suicide in Thailand has more to do with loosing any worthwhile aim in life rather then rejecting or a sense of rejection.