US Republican party described in two words

Reading the news and watching the network news broadcasts, there have been two words that have been associated with the Republican party from the time President Obama took office. Though not the topic of the news story, those two words have been said enough to get the message across to angry Americans that the Republican party is very much out of touch as well as out of step with what America needs.

Not surprisingly those two words reflect self-serving attitudes and have perhaps caused America to slip behind other countries in education, medicine and technology. Those two words are very much tied to everything the Republicans have amassed over the years and look to hold on to for all their worth. The two words that resound so clearly now and define the Republican party are ‘Against Reform.’

Over the past year we have seen a variety of things that need change, and some of them contributed to the global economic meltdown. The collective wisdom of the American people has clearly seen this and a very recent poll that reflects a recent story we did match in that the American people want to throw out all the incumbent politicians with a big emphases on tossing all the Republicans.

It is very clear that America and the rest of the planet must move forward and learn from our mistakes while taking advantage of new technology. Unfortunately the Republicans seem unwilling to let go of their pot of gold. Companies that are big contributors to the Republicans are also raping the general public. Big banks and insurance companies are high on that list. Oil companies are also digging deep into their wallet to keep the old ways alive.

It is very unfortunate the Republican party has gotten so lost in themselves and are so out of touch with reality. The platform of their party is sound and has endured for many generations. But it seems the taste of money and power has clouded their better judgment, and that is likely to see many of them cleaning their desks come the End of December as incumbents are voted out of office in droves.

To the average American it is sickening to hear some of the old Republican dogs speak. They almost are not American and have developed a class of their own. It is no wonder why so many dislike people that are the high society. They are not better, they are simply different and living in their own bubble insulated from reality. It is this that is giving the Tea Party its own caffeine kick and foolishly some Republicans are trying to capture that energy and repackage it.

Republicans have now been seen voting no but then standing in for photo opportunities as if they voted yes hoping their constituencies will not pay much attention and remember the photo and not the vote. However the person that will run against them in November most certainly will not forget and one guess what the content of their campaign ads will be.

2 Responses to US Republican party described in two words

  1. I think a lot of democrats (as incumbents) will also be voted out.

    It’s not a democrat vs republican issue anymore. Both parties have been hijacked by corporate interests a long time ago.

    The health care bill is another example of increased costs to all americans by premium hikes that are forced through law.


  2. Independent Thinker says:

    Au contraire, the Republicans have been making all kinds of useful suggestions e.g. tort reform, medical savings accounts, ending state mandates, opening health insurance competition across state lines. The problem is the Republicans had eight years to implement such reforms and did squat except introduce another unsustainable entitlement (Medicare prescription drug benefit) and don’t have any credibility now. Either way, do not for a second fall for the black-and-white “X Party good, Y Party bad” rhetoric on left-wing or right-wing blogs. Both parties are corrupt, beholden to special interests, and seek to expand government control over our lives because “they know best”.