Thailand class war Thaksin’s war

When it comes to psychotic minds there is no end to the madness. Simply continue to attack from every possible angle is how the mind works. Destroy all opposition any way possible until victory is achieved.

This was not a story we really needed to write. Anyone following along for any significant period of time could spot the dots and see there is a complete and total obsession to have things be just one way being Thaksin’s way. This latest class war twist is simply repackaging Thaksin’s enemies and going after them without necessarily spelling out their names, all while driving the wedge of division even deeper into Thailand.

In general around the world how people view the High Society is generally the same. It does not take much to see that they generally are very shallow and often self centered with little concept of what the real world is all about. They also have a certain cannibalistic way about them when one falls from grace. The wounded are quickly devoured and discarded to go and live amongst the common folk. There is no genuine friendship in their world. Simply if you can not pay the dues you are simply discarded like trash. So in general this does not make them better, only different.

However this is not always the case, there are some people who aspire to be like and hang with the High Society. Their reasons often tend to be self serving as well with the hopes a little of that wealth will rub off on them directly or indirectly.

Thai culture tends to view this a little different as the Buddhist view looks at this differently. In general they are much more tolerant and less critical.  Thaksin however looks to change all of that. Thaksin is more western thinking than Thai, so for him to be less gracious and go after the Elite is easy because he sees them as his enemy. The hardest part for Thaksin will be to keep the illusion he is somehow different.

Having your own private jet does tend to set you apart and places you in an ELITE small group. For Thaksin his jet is all about avoiding being arrested and to keep his location unknown. What does work for Thaksin is because the High Society is self centered, Thaksin’s ploy about caring about the poor is simply a tool for getting votes, however it does provide usable contrast.

So for Thaksin to try this new twist and look for the formula that will overthrow the government, he may find this very short lived. Prime Minister Abhisit has been working to take care of Thaksin’s base. Pointing out that his efforts have been thwarted by Thaksin’s Red Shirt army may turn the tide and put Thaksin on the defensive thus shattering Thaksin’s Robin Hood image. If Thaksin truly cared about the People that support him, he would have no objection to help coming from other sources as well. There is little doubt Thaksin supporters would object to money from other sources. They will happily travel to Bangkok and rally for whatever cause if they are paid.

Looking back over the past year it seems that no two Red Shirt rallies had the exact same signature, but that was just Thaksin probing for an open wound in the government to infect. So in general if it is to rally against the Elite or whatever, it says their hearts are falling to second place behind their wallets and perhaps should be viewed with a grain of salt. Only the most basic core reasons to rally should be viewed with more critical eyes.

So money will sway opinions when there is a lack of education in the recipients of the money. The lack of education leaves them unable to sort things out on their own, so money simply decides for them. At the very least there is a political lesson to be learned here that covers education as well as tending to all equally. Lack of education in the masses can cause them to be friend or foe when money is involved. So if Thaksin was to stop funding them, it does leave you to wonder what the political makeup of Thailand would be like.

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