Going after China

There are more than a few people about the planet who feel China is overstepping the fair play line. Add to that competitive human nature and for many it becomes a huge game of ‘King of the hill’ and looking to take China down a few notches.

This is nothing new, people have always gone after the alpha player. We have seen it with Bill Gates as a good example. Many felt his style of aggressive marketing was unfair. As a result most if not all computer viruses and Trojans attack Microsoft and pay little mind to Apple and other operating systems.

More recently in US politics, the Republican party was using the healthcare reform bill as a way to turn voters away from Democrats. Disinformation at the start was replaced with a psychological game of political doom If you vote for it. The reality is any change will be an improvement as companies have people on staff just to do battle with the insurance companies to get them to pay what they should pay by the policy.

So turning the focus to China we have now Google that has said enough is enough and are looking to remove themselves from China’s computers. But already China is hard at work countering the potential Google pullout. Here at Connecting the Dots we have been watching China mitotically translate every single entry into Chinese and then listing them on their own search engines. In fact about 22% of our traffic comes from China. The Ironic part is we use Google to translate so this plug will be pulled as well.

China also has a currency that is fixed and does not float with the market. So with a bit of arrogance China has decided to make its own rules. In fact there are a lot of things about China that simply bother people who have never set foot in China. Their influence clearly reaches past borders. So collectively this simply makes China fair game and with that said, the game is on to knock China off the top of the hill.

Unfortunately China will look to play hard ball in this human nature game. We regularly see how they deal with people who challenge them. The most vivid that lingers in the minds of many is what happened during the Tiananmen Square massacre. In short China uses the stick a whole lot more than it uses the carrot. But in this game, that only fires up the competitive to go at them even harder. After all it is generally perceived as a game psychologically and not necessarily going after China’s sovereignty, but China will not see it that way.

China will read this as a threat no less significant than a foreign army massing on their border, and the will play for keeps looking to take the competition out of the game permanently. The mentality of once Chinese always Chinese will come into play. We see that in several examples like ignoring Chinese peoples naturalization into another country. If they return to China they must use a Chinese passport as the new passport and new citizenship is ignored. The same is true with Taiwan and Tibet and they do get all bent out of shape when they see others ignoring their position.

So the bottom line this looks to be a good challenge and perhaps the biggest game of King of the hill yet.

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