Thaksin seeks court ruling overtime

In an effort to simply buy more time and keep his Red Shirt army from experiencing a psychological crash while they are marching on Bangkok, Thaksin files an appeal based on new evidence. With the finding of new evidence being the only way to stop the execution of the court ordered confiscation of money in Thaksin’s frozen accounts, one can not help but wonder if this new evidence is made up.

Quoting the Nation March 25, 2010

Ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra and his family members will tomorrow file their respective arguments based on fresh evidence seeking to overturn the asset seizure verdict, defense lawyer Chatthip Thanthaprasat said on Thursday.

The defense cancelled its earlier plan to submit the appellate writs for family members today and Thaksin’s writ tomorrow, he said.

“The writs seeking the appellate review will show fresh evidence collected by the defense team,” he said.

Under the judicial procedures, the case can be appealed only if there exists fresh evidence.

Following the lodging of the appellate writs, the Supreme Court is expected to form a five-judge panel to vet the appellate arguments.

Should the case merit the appellate review, the high court will convene a full bench, comprising some 97 judges, for ruling.

So here is how connecting the Dots sees all of this. Waiting until absolutely the last day to file even that the documents are ready simply says Thaksin is simply looking to buy time. If there was any validity to the documents putting them in early would tend to be the way most people would think. The desire to getting a court case behind them is just good for a persons mental state and overall health. Stress does manifest into physical symptoms that causes premature aging amongst other negative things.

Add to all of that the Thaksin side announced about 24 hours after the verdict that they would file an appeal as they had new/more evidence. Now either they are immensely stupid for not putting all the evidence forward when it was asked for, or it still had to be created/invented to address directly the points of the court ruling.

The reasons for the delay are obvious in that the Red Shirt rallies are not having the desired effect less one. Properly pissing off people in Bangkok with what seems to be turning to weekly in your face marches has put pressure on the government to bring an end to the Red Shirt rallies. Most Thais and tourists tend to avoid the rally sites, but this rally delivery service does have a way of being annoying and messing with people’s lives and livelihoods.

All the symbolic gestures of blood letting, head shavings and who knows what next simply adds amusement to outsiders watching what the Red Shirt Thais are up to. Many of these symbolic actions may be found in some backwards isolated tribe someplace in the world viewed in a National Geographic magazine, and that simply is not very flattering for Thailand when found in Bangkok.

So as Thaksin looks for more time it simply means he has not given up and looks to continue to attack. So this does bring up the very basic question of why was this not presented before considering the weight of the case and the potential court ruling. The only answer that matches Thaksin’s methods is this is just part of his game and the information is deceptive and very possibly false. Say or do whatever it takes is the heading for this filing of documents. The amusing question will be what will happen to Thaksin’s lawyers if this all turns out to be a sham on Thaksin’s part.

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