Thaksin unhappy with events

Perhaps the word unhappy is a significant understatement in describing Thaksin’s mood. The nice guy approach and Thaksin simply are not found in the same sentence very often if at all.

Thaksin certainly must feel like he is using a very long screwdriver while trying to make adjustments on his bid to ignore all in positions of authority and get back into power.

Starting off on the list of headaches and we will put a disclaimer out that some are assumed but seem to make sense based on the events before.

First and probably most significant is how Thaksin and the United Arab Emirates are getting along. Our assumption is; As Thaksin tends to ignore everyone no matter who, he crossed a line and the UAE either shut him down or sent him packing for making attacks on Thailand from the UAE. It is very obvious the UAE told him no more attacks, but after a 5 minute broadcast Thaksin claimed a sudden onset of illness. It would seem the UAE police were pounding on the door moments before Thaksin disappeared is a likely scenario as to what happened. At the time of writing this his whereabouts is still unknown. With all the overt efforts by his spokesmen saying he is in the UAE simply says things are going way wrong for Thaksin. Simply Thaksin needs to show that he is right and others are wrong to keep his followers. Collective problems for Thaksin shown publicly simply will make followers disappear as they start to question what is going on.

The second thing is when Thaksin finally came back to make another broadcast on the third day he clearly set the tone leading towards a more physical approach by suggesting civil disobedience. By this statement alone it is clear he is upset that the Red Shirt violent factions have split from the main body. So this looks like the start of an effort to personally step in and replace them. The polite approach for Thaksin simply does not fit his personality or ego. Ironically this almost matches the events of one year ago to the day that lead up to the April riots.

The next thing is his court case. Our last entry covers much of that and we strongly feel Thaksin sees nothing to lose if he can pass a few lies off as the truth. If his lawyers end up in jail as they did before, Thaksin will simply hire new lawyers and let this bunch rot in jail for being unsuccessful in getting his money back.

The next concern is Thaksin seems to have been granted citizenship in at least 1 other country. There is some legal standing that this may disqualify him from Thai politics, but so did the court ruling that dissolved the Thai Rak Thai party (TRT) in May 2007. So simply this is another thing or law that Thaksin is ignoring. The new citizenship has but one reason and that is to insulate him from arrest and deportation to his waiting cell at the Bangkok Hilton. This translates that Thaksin clearly has a sore neck from constantly looking over his shoulder and needing to lie his way around when in transit with his stack of passports. That should stop once fingerprint scanners are installed, but that may take a while.

There is also no solid direction for the Red Shirts. All rally cries are about things that are insignificant when it comes to pointing out the double standards. The desire to dissolve Parliament only looks to shorten the inevitable time as it will be automatically dissolve come the next elections next year. The urgency simply shows Thaksin’s impatience and desire to have things his way. If he can not influence dissolving Parliament in some way he will feel he lost a battle, and that will make him even more ruthless.

The last thing is trying to cause a class war against the Elite while he himself wears the crown of luxury and wealth. It is clear his followers are not blind, so he is playing on their gullibility. This is about as challenging as disputing video evidence in court saying the tape is lying. Sooner or later that will fail and he will need another lie to keep his followers following him.

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