Hunting human prey for sport

We simply have to put out a big disclaimer on this before we start about the validness of this story. However we found this so interesting a story and so plausible, we simply had to write about it.

Before we start, this information came to us by a source that may be prone to exaggeration and we would simply classify it as a good barroom story. However after sitting back and thinking about it, the more it started to make sense that such an adventure was actually being marketed to a select group of men. There is no doubt there is a group of men who simply have a desire for an adventure of this type.

There have been a handful of Hollywood movies that depict this and may have been the source of the story. But as most good Hollywood action and adventure movies are based around some real life reality, we decided this would be a good read true or not.

In general there are a variety of people in this world. Some are more violent than others and for many of them a chance to show off some testosterone for a good cause is a situation many would enjoy even if it meant there would be some dead people in the end. There are several elements of this story that tend to make it believable, but we will simply let you decide for yourself if it is true or not.

This story is all about hunting humans or more specifically human predators hunting human predators. To make this a little more exciting there is a genuine good guy bad guy persona that encompasses this. The macho good guys are going out to hunt and kill bad guys. But before you stop and say that is against the law in every country on the planet, this hunt takes place in international waters and that tends to change the rules of the game a bit as all evidence of the hunt can quickly be sent to the bottom of the ocean.

Generally speaking there are more than a few people who would love to go out and have a good go at people like Osama bin Laden otherwise known as a bad guy. The terrorist acts going on around the world and the US actively hunting him and others like him simply says it is OK to do. It is even more acceptable if the bad guys are shooting at you first, at that point it becomes self defense and to simply return fire and turn them into shark food seems to be generally accepted by the general public.

What we are talking about is hunting Somali pirates for sport, and the hunting area is the waters off eastern Africa where the pirates operate. So here is how the story goes, once you sign on to this adventure you board a boat that is attractive enough for the pirates to target and head off with significant fire power to make the battle decisive so the chance of catching a few AK47 rounds is reduced. Seeing that of late the pirates have been more often than not attacking with guns blazing because of the various naval ships looking to curb their apatite, there is a very good chance you will be in a fight for your life.

So when you put all this together, sea terrorist shooting at a boat filled with a bunch of Rambos in international waters, if the Rambos kill them in self defense who is to say they broke the law of any country. There are no laws that say that parts of the international ocean is a no go zone, there are only advisories to avoid the area.

What comes of it is a sense of satisfaction that you took out some bad guy terrorist types and perhaps saved some shipping company millions of dollars as that is their typical ransom. So you are rewarded by getting some anger out of your system as well as getting a good deed feeling. So is there anyone up for a fishing trip off the east coast of Africa? The rumored price is about $10,000 per person.

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