Implied fear of reform

Laying it on thick is an understatement when it comes to the US Republican Party fighting to keep their pot of gold. So much fear generating false information was being used, some of it has found its way into the acts of top mainstream comedians.

In the game of poker what the Republican party is doing would be called a bluff. That particular strategy is used when you have a weak hand hoping you can convince the other players you have a winning hand. This typical ploy is often supported with confident betting to attempt to show dominant body language. The down side is if this ploy does not work, they just threw away a lot of money hoping fear would prevail.

Connecting the Dots has decided to recap this game of fear the Republicans have been playing with the country. In the end they directed it at the Democrats hoping they would be thinking forward to the next round of elections due in November. Unfortunately for the Republicans this spewing of undefined pronouns about the political fallout did not work, but they clearly look to continue redirecting it at the voting public.

Going back to the beginning of the healthcare reform debate when nobody had a clue including the Republicans what the bill would look like, the Republicans started off with talking about ‘Death Panels’ and euthanasia. That certainly turned out to be false and President Obama spent a lot of time and political energy dispelling that deliberately false rumor. Knocking off senior citizens because they are a big draw on health care was just fear mongering.

The list continued and to be very frank they tried anything and everything they could. The list is way to long to talk about, but the methods of finding and exploiting a person or groups worst fear was common. Seniors feared being put out to pasture to die. With seniors being a very powerful voting block and ultimately the most influenced by healthcare, there is little doubt why this particularly large peace of bullshit floated to the top of the septic tank first. This very personalized fear directed at seniors was heard coast to coast along with others.

For businessmen the fear of higher operating costs with higher premiums was custom packaged and presented to them. This customized fear was presented time and time again starting with the biggest politically powerful groups and working on down the lists. It is very important to note all this was going on before the first draft of the new bill was ever seen.

So sight unseen and only the concept of stopping the insurance companies from continuing to run amok was the only known primary goal, to see Republicans dread this and start on a major campaign to stop it somehow has a foul scent of corruption on a party scale. Meaning the actions of the Republican party were completely unjustified at that particular stage unless there was some hidden unknown, and the list of possible reasons that match that behavior is a very short list with corruptions in the form of kickbacks is at the top of that list.

So with that thought and practice mirroring corruption practices in other countries, it does leave the door open for a major investigation. So should there be any ambitious Ken Star want to be out there just waiting for the chance to make his or her name as well known as ‘Bo’ the president’s dog, here seems to be the big chance.

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