Thaksin pushing the anger limits

There has been one constant about the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra all along. His arrogance and seeming ability to be like an annoying fly that manages to avoid getting swatted is wearing many people thin. Needless to say the effect this is having is causing many to think about taking matters into their own hands and bringing a violent end to Thaksin with their own version of a flyswatter.

All the signs and symptoms are there if you care to look. Local news media publishing self evaluation mental health tests, along with conversations suddenly taking a more violent tone when the name Thaksin is mentioned. It is very clear everyone that is not in Thaksin’s camp is reaching their limits of tolerance when it comes to Thaksin.

The one brighter side about this is thanks to the efforts of the Abhisit government and to Abhisit himself, he has been channeling anger away from Thais who support Thaksin and letting all the anger focus on Thaksin himself. This at least for the moment will stall any potential civil war.

Unfortunately for Thaksin if he ever manages to get back into Thailand after being whitewashed, his life expectancy would be measured in hours once he sets foot in Thailand. Anyone who can wield a weapon will be looking to take Thaksin out. That list includes senior Thais from both genders right on down the line. For many Thais there is unnecessary emotional and financial hardship cause by Thaksin and his persistence. The Red Shirt rallies chase away tourist and revenue and that in one way or another hurts all Thais including the Red Shirts. Simply put Thaksin’s arrogance has made Thailand way too dangerous a place for him.

However there is the wisdom of the masses at work here. If there are so many people looking to kill Thaksin to bring an end to Thailand’s political problems, then that clearly must be the answer. Thaksin is incapable of stopping so that task must be done for him.

The anger against Thaksin is not limited to Thailand. Thaksin simply ignores all laws of whatever country he is in and does what he wants. As a result Thaksin’s world gets smaller and smaller as one by one countries get fed up with him. Pissing people off and making new enemies is a daily occurrence with Thaksin. As a result he now must resort to lying to get into some countries as he is banned in several. Eventually Thaksin may be forced to do pirate broadcast from a ship at sea in international waters as no country wants to piss off Thailand as a whole. As rich as Thaksin is, being on good terms with Thailand clearly outweighs any short term benefits Thaksin could offer. Thailand will still be here long after all of today’s players have felt the heat of their own funeral fire.

So with all of that anger building there soon will be a breaking point in Thailand, and like spontaneous combustion Thailand will erupt and consume itself in civil war. So for this reason The government must redouble its efforts and perhaps do things the way Israel does. It seems the fallout from Israeli methods is much less and shorter lived than continued Thaksin attacks.

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