Catholic church pays for arrogance

In what the Catholic church is calling a hate campaign triggered by pedophile priest may be something else all together. Viewing the Vatican’s position on several things that could easily be defined as arrogant, the people may just be fed up with the church and are saying in a polite way more or less ‘Get your head out of your ass!’.

More than a few people have left the Catholic church in recent years for a variety of reasons. But for not dealing with pedophile priests is a sin that may never be forgiven. Arrogance stances about condom usage and holding onto anti gay positions are simply chasing their flock away.

The people of today are wiser and much more educated thanks to the Internet and are not as gullible as previous generations. So when it comes to something as basic as protecting our young, the church is up against basic instincts that are more deeply rooted than religious convictions.

As for pedophiles, their life behind bars is simply hell and often they need to be isolated from the main population. The people who are In prison even that they are convicted criminals, many are parents and the same instinct to protect our young is still there. So when it comes to this severity of a response, the protection of a pedophile simply lowers that person or group in the eyes of others.

So here we have the church doing its best to play down what happened for whatever reason simply does not fly. The response of the Pope being just prayers is an absolute insult to every parent Catholic or not. Given the chance people would probably kill a pedophile because they are simply seen as predators. Leaving the church is simply an appropriate response period!

Although the Pope may be protected by law as head of state, it is public opinion that he must deal with. Innocent until proven guilty does not apply. In short not only have people left the church, they have lost all respect for the church and many see the Pope in a negative light now.

There is a price to pay, and this has nothing to do with political correctness. A lot of this is about lack of respect on the part of the church. So to put it short and not so metaphorically, there will be Hell to pay.

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