Thailand’s riot shooter ID not needed

The tragic events in Thailand with a third party shooter(s) killing Red Shirt demonstrators adds yet another twist to Thailand’s political turmoil. Knowing the identity of the shooter(s) is not necessary at this point. The reason for that is there is only one person who would benefit from the direction the shooter(s) is/are moving things towards, and that person is the center of the political problems already.

At the very least the Red Shirts and their leaders must take pause with this event. Not only are they being used by Thaksin for his own personal gain, it now seems their lives are as worthless to Thaksin as cattle. In this case it is genuine cause and effect on a very big scale. Nearly everything that has been negative in Thailand after the 2006 coup, has been caused in whole or in part by Thaksin. Shooting innocent lesser educated people at a demonstration is just another event added to the list.

This simply reinforces what anti Thaksin people already know, and that is there are no limits to the depths Thaksin will go to get what he wants. With some luck Thaksin Red Shirt supporters will have a bit of an awakening with this tragedy in loss of human life. Thaksin already sees himself above everyone and ignores all laws, this simply suggests he sees himself as some sort of God who can snuff innocent people’s lives out if it serves his needs even if they are his supporters or not.

This also means that the Red Shirt leaders are potentially an even more powerful political target for Thaksin if they are shot and killed. If Thaksin feels that taking one or more of them out will be like kicking in the after burners in his political push, then they too will just as suddenly be shot.

In this case the key point is to keep focused on who will ultimately benefit from this and not lose that thought. This important mental discipline is needed when seeking out the culprits being the shooter(s) and their support team. If you keep that thought in mind, finding their identity will be easier. It is fairly clear the strategy of the shooter(s) was to put the blame on Abhisit and his government. The initial reaction from the Red Shirts suggest that be it choreographed or not.

But Abhisit’s approach that may have angered some in the military as being too lenient is acting in support of his innocence in this matter. Not only is it completely out of Abhisit’s character, it simply does not serve his goals and direction he wants to move Thailand towards. However if Abhisit can capture the negative energy of this event and redirect it back to its source, this may be Thaksin’s fatal self induced blunder many have been waiting for. If Thaksin’s supporters suddenly conclude Thaksin will kill them if it helps him, for the most part it is all over.

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