Fear of Thaksin starting to return

If getting beat up by Red Shirts for having a different opinion than the Red Shirts sounds a bit like how things work in Burma, you would be absolutely right. And that is what Thailand will look like unless Abhisit steps in and takes decisive action. The time to be nice has passed.

There are signs about that strongly suggest decisions are being driven by fear. The psychological advantage the Red Shirts have for the moment will spread like cancer if it is not decisively stopped very quickly. The decision by the Election Commission to dissolve the democratic party follows very public death threats by the Red Shirts.

It is this type of accumulated fear that will not only give Thaksin more power, it will also give rise to anti Thaksin mobs confronting the Red Shirts who see what is coming.

The Red Shirts have acted in a violent and deliberate way against other Thais who do not share their views. It is because of the developing bully mentality that action must be taken at the same level. Essentially The Red Shirts have selected the level of the game, and now Abhisit is forced to play at the same level even that it is appalling to him that more Thai lives are likely to be lost.

It now becomes a problem as serious to Thailand as ever because this has gone past democracy and it is truly an invasion seeking to install a dictator. Although they are Thais they must be seen as the enemy if democracy is to survive. The question is does Abhisit have what it takes to deal with Thaksin’s forced hand.

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