Pay to play Thaksin’s game

It is become obvious to many now that the bullets that flew and killed 20+ Thais on April 10 were fired by pro Thaksin people. So now it seems more Thaksin supporters will pay with their lives if they continue to play his game. The question is are they smart enough to see it or not.

It was nothing more than putting more chili peppers in the pot for Thaksin. To sacrifice a hand full of supporters to ignite anger and rage against Abhisit shows no sign of human conscience. And even if it was not a pro Thaksin shooter, there most certainly will be more bullets and more deaths during the next push to evict the protesters fired by the same culprits.

So with that thought in mind knowing you could be shot by some third party like fish in a barrel, is it wise to go home or risk being in the cross hairs of a sniper. The spin by the Red Shirt leaders is appalling trying to convince the Red Shirts to stay playing on their ignorance. This is truly leading cattle to slaughter and there is no morals or ethics being shown by the Red Shirt leaders if that is the case. That most certainly mimics Thaksin, so the Red Shirts should take a good hard look at what kind of Thaksin they are asking to come back.

There is little doubt more will die no matter how gentle Abhisit is, because it is a third party involvement doing the harm. Even the military must defend itself from them so no doubt shots will be fired from two directions and for that moment it becomes war and not a protest so there will be casualties. The range of the weapon being used could place the shooter in any number of places hundreds of meters away from the conflict. This places Abhisit in a bit of a bind, but ultimately he must move forward and evict the Red Shirts because the longer they stay at that location, the deeper the new Thai economic crash will be that nobody has bothered to talk about yet. This is yet another wound inflicted by Thaksin that has yet to start to bleed.

Strategically speaking Abhisit may prosper by announcing he must evict the Red Shirts to uphold the law, but the sniper has not been found. That may scare enough Red Shirts to pack it in and go home without conflict without figuring out who it is. That can always come later and serve the same value as doing it now.

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