Thaksin’s death and other rumors

There is no doubt rumors start when something out of the norm happens or fails to happen. But when you look at Thaksin and what is about to happen, this is very much the norm with Thaksin.

There are several base signatures Thaksin has. They range from regularly speaking the absolute opposite of the truth to being completely arrogant. In this case Thaksin’s disappearance from public view is completely normal for him.

Whenever some of Thaksin’s dirty work is about to be dispensed, Thaksin makes very sure he is no place near where it will happen. This has happened dozens of times in the past. With several people about to lose their lives at the seemingly unstoppable Red Shirt government clash in Bangkok, Thaksin is doing his level best to look like he is not involved in any way. His last set of public statements were clearly meant to distance himself.

There is a second reason as well. Now that Thailand’s conflict has been pushed much closer to front page news and not last page news in the international media, there has been mounting international pressure not to let Thaksin open a microphone. Other countries besides Thailand have joined in the chorus about letting Thaksin launch political attacks from other countries as clearly it leads to people dying. But in this case Thaksin chooses to be silent.

There are other rumors that General Prem Tinsulanonda has died or been assassinated simply because he is out of public view. The last official news Connecting the Dots can recall is he was admitted to a hospital for an age related condition. Being in his mid 80’s this is normal and can be part of a closing act in a persons life.  So by putting 2 and 2 together, the death rumor started.

There are also other rumors that are floating around Isaan that are part of the propaganda war, so it takes a keen eye and avoidance of spot decisions and knee jerk reactions to sort things out at this particular time.

Normally cutting past rumors and other Bullshit is one of the things we work at here at Connecting the Dots. Because of the political situation, we highly recommend some hip boots and plenty of toilet paper because the rumors are running very deep and messy at this time in Thailand.

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