I want my war!

Based on the bomb attacks near the southern most barricades of the Red Shirt occupation site in Bangkok Thailand, it certainly sounds like there is significant fragmentation in the Red Shirt leadership. It does not take too much to see each Red Shirt leader has a different personality, and one of them is easily classified as a war monger.

It is explosively clear that not everyone inside the Red Shirt Camp is happy with Prime Minister Abhisit and his road map. Some Red Shirts were happy to say OK lets go home, while others were looking forward to sending more bullets through the heads of people. It is those people who have an alternate agenda… or is it?

Looking at what their Icon Convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra had to say about Abhisit’s road map, it is clear he was not please as it seemed to stop the division he was building in Thailand. That division would ultimately lead to a civil war.

This tactic of sabotage is very similar if not the same as what has been seen in other countries. Iraq comes to mind as being the most recent. Whenever some sort of agreement is seemingly reached, bombs and attacks start seeking to destabilize the agreement. It is hard to say if Thaksin gave the OK on this or not, but all Thaksin’s pointers have been in one direction, and the attacks are also in the same direction.

It is hard to say if Bangkok will start to resemble Baghdad, but most certainly the violent fragment of the Red Shirts looks not to stand down for any piece of paper, or at least not until they have had their war.

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