Thailand’s political turmoil on pause Part 1

Thailand’s political turmoil and violence is far from over. In fact Connecting the Dots has decided to start this periodic series because there will be very predictable indicators that will simply push the play button and pickup where things left off. That is because Thailand is still in a political loop cycle.

There is no better place to start than with Prime Minister Abhisit’s road-map. So to quickly sum it up in a single paragraph, some see Abhisit as being forced to offer/accept a package that is nothing more than a bandage that will some day fall off. Then there are others who see him as a genuine politician who has Thailand’s best interest in mind. Then there are others who simply see him as a fool for potentially giving an opportunity for Thaksin to finagle his way back into power. Connecting the Dots will explore each of those over time as well as another remote view that this will actually buy enough time to see a proper fix to Thailand’s political problems.

To Quickly summerize Thailand’s problems, it all comes down to one man and that man is convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra. Connecting the Dots has several posts that clearly outline Thaksin being the direct cause. If it was not for him, this would just be another year and few Thais caring about Thai politics, and the biggest news would be about some foreigner who got screwed over by a Thai.

Looking at the psychological aspect of this, there is little doubt everyone is relieved. Connecting the Dots is actually very surprise that Thaksin signed on. Apparently he saw his best effort did not have enough muscle to get what he wants in one shot. But even with Thaksin later saying he will continue to fight on the international stage says he truly did not accept it, and that is more like the Thaksin we know looking to involve the world and thus sabotage this entire effort for his own personal gain. Meanwhile and very predictably what happens next in Thaksin’s camp is to figure out a way to cheat and beat the system. Playing by the rules is a completely foreign concept to Thaksin.

Because of the freshness of all of this, Connecting the Dots will do little more than announce this periodic series. There is still a chance it all could fall apart before any pen meets paper when reading Thaksin’s last comment and what they Yellow Shirts and multi color shirts have to say about it. This may end up being a series of 1.

They dynamics of the Thai political issue seem to be proving that talks simply will not work even that all bystanders are saying that is the correct and civilized way to resolve the issues. But based on the fact we have edited this entry 3 times over the past 36 hours prior to posing it simply says a lot about the situation that what looks good on paper does not always work in the practical sense. Because of that we can only conclude that the title of this series is both accurate and appropriate in that the pause may only be for a few days.

Part of a Periodic series.

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