Without education Thai political crisis will repeat

With all sides not accepting or wanting to give in’ is a common phrase in the news media, blogs and conversations, it becomes necessary to step back even further and take more things into the field of view. So from the perspective of a GEOS weather satellite viewing the entire planet not only Thailand, we see one common thing that is a significant part of Thailand’s problems.

Getting ripped off is by far a button pusher for many people. Being offered the most expensive or over priced first or some sub standard package simply preys on the unknowing. Sayings like “A fool and his money are soon parted” speaks of a common and consistent human behavior.

So lets assume the Red shirts get what they want and end the double standard between Thais. Everyone who is wearing a red shirt is happy that they got a good deal and things are fixed. But that is only until the spotlight is turned away. Because without education the double standard will come back almost overnight because the lesser educated Thais will not be able to detect it has come back. That essentially places them right back at square 1.

Even that they felt Thaksin was their savior, he was still screwing them over with 1 Baht for you and 9 Baht for me mentality as a service charge of sorts. He was fully aware they had no clue he was just offering them crumbs.

So once again it comes down to education being the cause of Thailand’s political crisis. Unfortunate as it is, that is the truth. Opportunistic people will take advantage of the lesser educated Thais unless they are smart enough to detect it and say no. The end to double standards must be earned with education and not offered, and that will take many years to achieve. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime most definitely does apply in this case.

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  1. Richard, I think it’s a GEOS satellite, not GOES!

    Well maybe the poor are happy to get 1 crumb out of 10 because with the other elites in power they were getting less than this!


  2. Richard says:

    Fixed Typo Thanks.