Red Shirts on offensive

Things are back on track for Thaksin and the Red Shirts.People are dying and mayhem has started.

Connecting the Dots is just making this short entry to help clarify what is going on in Bangkok.

May 13, 2010 about 6:00pm local time the Thai military started a passive containment operation of the Red Shirts. This was only meant to be a containment operation looking to run the Red Shirt batteries down by depravation of food and water. This has never changed and still remains as such.

Clashes are occurring outside of the containment area and that can only mean the Red Shirts are on the offensive and it is not a crack down as some have said. For it to be a crackdown the clashes would be in the containment area and no place else.

Thaksin has placed himself in a position and publically asked the Thai government to stop the crackdown in a deliberate attempt to distort things. As this matches what Thaksin wants and has been striving for, this also matches Thaksin saying opposite the truth that he wants it to stop and blaming the other side.

There looks to be a rough night in Bangkok as the Red Shirts mount attacks in a variety of places forcing the conflict that the Thai military has resisted.

So to summerize The Red Shirts have started the conflict they have been looking for and are looking to place the blame on the Government.

3 Responses to Red Shirts on offensive

  1. I’m not sure how one can state a red shirt offensive when a red member was essentially assassinated while speaking with a reporter. Yes, I am well aware that technically speaking Sae Daeng has not been assassinated until he officially passes away, but for all intent and purposes he is dead.

  2. Richard says:

    Hi Joe,

    To that the only thing for sure is he was shot. Saying who did it is just a guess with a lot of theories. Some are saying a small caliber gun was used at close range, to a snipers bullet fired from a building. In that case it could have come from a third party. So to that effect saying it was a military shooter is defamation at this point. For all we know it coup have been a person Thaksin hired to light the fire taking out his trigger happy supporter who may turn on him some day.

  3. It’s funny that you say that because that is exactly how I knew you would respond. When a yellow or government member has a high probability of doing something, it “is defamation at this point”

    Yet, when there is a high probability of a red shirt comitting a violent act you immediately point the finger at Thaksin and the red shirts an unequivocally say Thaksin is behind it and it is a red shirt act without worrying about “defamation”.

    Now, to your article and your own “defamation” you state “Clashes are occurring outside of the containment area and that can only mean the Red Shirts are on the offensive” This statement is not only defamatory, but it also is completely contradictory to video evidence and several independent, impartial reporters that are stating the military is firing on citizens that are not part of the red movement. They are also stating, much to their surprise, that people that don’t appear to be associated with the reds are seemingly turning on the army. That does not bode well.

    Of course I know in your mind anyone that turns on the army is automatically red by default so I guess there is no use in providing you with facts as reported by independent 3rd parties.