Primal emotions rule in Bangkok

It is truly scarey when all human logic and reasoning gets put on hold and is replaced with the emotions closest to what our cave dwelling ancestors displayed. But with feedback from inside the Red Shirt camp, that is what is going on inside the Red Shirt stronghold.

There is plenty of adrenaline pumping inside the Red Shirt encampment. Anger, fear and uncertainty is common. Each has their own reason for staying in the camp, and disinformation is the primary fuel powering their decision to stay.

There are women and children who clearly want to depart, but they fear being shot by the military or by snipers. They do not trust the government’s word that they will be given safe passage simply because of all the rhetoric that was being spewed by the Red Shirt leaders. Simply put they are lost in a sea of disinformation without a compass.

The militant Red Shirt warriors are running on pure emotions based in deliberately misguided information designed to bring Thaksin back to power. Trying to talk logic and reason to them is like trying to talk logic and reason to someone under the influence of drugs. Their brain is a wash with emotions and talking is not even on the first page of options for them. Violence to settle a score that may or may not exist is the only thought on their mind.

Even medical rescue people have been shot and killed when they go in to take out the wounded. That does not even meet the standard of war but can be expected from a terrorist. So storming a hospital was just the start.

So when all reason is gone, you can find yourself in a den of Tigers, and that can me most unsettling. Many people feel they can talk reason to people and get them to back down, but in this case it would require a professional and few possess that skill.

Because of that rage that was fueled by lies, people will die on both sides. That is the unfortunate reality and the only people that can stop this are the Red Shirt leaders, but they too are awash in greed destroying their sense of reason as well.

Meanwhile Thaksin is doing his best to make himself look like a hero by publically asking for restraint while in reality he is pushing for violence to overthrow the government. It is truly a sad time for Thailand as Thais die for lies.

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