Bangkok burns : Thaksin’s temper tantrum

There is no other way to put it, Thaksin is angry because he did not get his way. So now his Red Shirt  followers are in the process of setting fire to whatever infrastructure they can find in Bangkok after their rude rally was even more rudely disbursed with a full on military assault.

Was this predicted? The answer is yes without a doubt. The fuse was lit long ago when Thaksin did not get his way. Will this become a series? I hope not, but for now it is a bit exciting to see a chapter of Thailand unfold before my eyes although it is a sad one.

From my vantage point I have a fairly good view without the need to venture very far. I can see smoke rising from a variety of places. TV stations, newspapers, and journalists are prime targets of the roaming mobs.

The short list of targets:

  • 1. Siam Square and Paragon: firefighters are unable to enter the area, red-shirt protesters are armed and are shooting at will.
  • 2. Centara Grand: fire has been put out.
  • 3. Stock Exchange of Thailand office: firemen unable to enter the area.
  • 4. Mahachon Plaza (entrance of Wireless Rd-Ploenchit Rd): firemen also unable to approach the area.
  • 5. Krung Thai and Bangkok Bank (Asoke Branch).
  • 6. Narcotics Control Board.
  • 7. Bangkok Bank (Din Daeng): fire under control.
  • 8. Maleenont Building: firemen unable to enter the area.
  • 9. Bangkok Bank and Lotus Rama 4: firemen unable to get in.
  • 10. EGAT Klongtoey: fire under control.
  • 11. Central World: currently being put out by firefighters.
  • 12. Bangkok Bank (Victory Monument).

Reports of other stores that are under attack as well, and all targets seem to target people in Bangkok be it food and supplies, finances, transportation, and information.

Ironically the temporary location for the American Embassy at the Weston hotel on Sukhumvit is now at ground zero with fires just outside. Needless to say all appointments have been canceled.

There is just too much adrenaline and testosterone running amuck tonight in Bangkok to make any sense of it. So as a result this post is going up early for fear of internet interruption. In the coming days I hope to have a more rounded report that will focus on what people feel as well as talks about what is likely to happen. There is one thing that is certain, any country that has played host to Thaksin and helped him elude the justice of the Thai courts has a hand in this sad moment in Thai history.

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