Thaksin gets hammered by media for children human shields

Because of the violence and death in Thailand associated with the Red Shirts and ultimately Thaksin, it appears the gloves are off. Hard hitting direct questions from the media is the name of the game, particularly when children human shields are being used.

Journalists have their job, and that is to report what they see. But when what they see hits the nerve of innocent children in harms way as human shields in the Red Shirt camp, parental instincts kick in and they go after the bad guy making it happen.

Often when reading news stories you may get the impression that journalists are stupid and just do not get it. But in reality that is the signature of a truly professional journalist, and that signature is to be neutral. But sometimes that neutral position has to be tossed aside because there is something tragic that is about to happen that they feel they can help avert it by attacking the person who is about to make it happen. That is simply morals and ethics at work looking to stop a tragedy, and at last check Thaksin has no morals or ethics.

The chain of events that lead up to children human shields in the Red Shirt camp has been covered by many. Each parent that brings their child into the Red Shirt camp has been exposed to pro Thaksin propaganda, and that has clouded their better judgment. They simply do not know better frequently citing the baby did not want to stay at home alone. In this case the baby was right and the parent should stay at home with the baby.

So watching a few interviews over the past day or so where the media was interviewing Thaksin’s spokesman, the questions were hard a furious. How much money did Thaksin invest in the Red Shirt Rally? How much did he pay people to attend? Those and other questions left the spokesman either looking like a fool that was duped by Thaksin, or had no idea of what was going on. That left Thaksin’s spokesman getting angry at this journalist for displaying some personal rage. The spokesmen were doing their best to distort and change the issue to make Thaksin look innocent. This was repeated with several interviews from several different international media outlets. Although the questions were not directly related to human shields, it was clear the dots had been connected and being tolerant of Thaksin’s lies appears to be a thing of the past.

It is clear Thaksin has simply turned every parent against him on the same level Saddam Hussein did during the first Gulf War. In fact Connecting the Dots has a gut feeling Thaksin may be a future recipient of a Darwin Award as he will now be hated and possibly lynched every place he goes once he is recognized. Being a parent knows no borders, that is universal. Saddam was tucked away in Iraq with hundreds of guards protecting him, but that is not the case with Thaksin.

So simply put, if even one child gets hurt or dies in the Red Shirt camp, it is all over for Thaksin. People have already connected that he is funding the carnage, and that is bad enough. Seeing a lifeless body of a child who was trampled as people ran, Thaksin will have succeed in getting the world involved in his struggle, but not exactly the way he planned.

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  1. I don’t much like those who use children as human shields but I really hate those who actually shoot them anyway