Thai censure debates mean easy money

The pro Thaksin party Pheu Thai Party (PTP) is proving to be a real money maker. That is a real money maker for the people, groups and whoever the PTP lie about, slander and defame during the censure debates.

Some bountiful cycles in nature are predictable. One such example is the bears of the Northwestern US know exactly when the salmon will make their spawning run up stream. They sit and wait and without fail they find lunch, dinner or breakfast swimming upstream. Other cycles in nature include the mass on Que hatching of insects and other critters. All are predictable cycles. The same is true with the PTP and censure debates. Their position is so weak they must makeup stories and without fail they tarnish the face of someone for their self serving agenda.

A consistent track record of lies is their standard of operation. This is true not only in censure debates but seemingly every place they go. Doctored photos, edited tapes, or alleged evidence from an entirely different day has been presented as the gospel truth, and all of them were out and out lies.

So if you just happen to be picked by the PTP to be used as some sort of example, you should just get ready to file a lawsuit of your own for slander the next day even before they open their mouths. With the defamation laws in Thailand being some of the strongest in the world, a hefty fine payable to you and jail time for the offending PTP member is the standard outcome barring diplomatic immunity.

In a way this is beyond sad, as it better qualifies as pitiful behavior. It seems they spend their entire time trying to pull others down because they simply can not clime up to a respectable level. They have no track record of respectable accomplishments to fall back on, but they do have a long list of self serving actions and behaviors. It is hard to find a metaphor to describe them other than some sort of blood sucking vermin that takes and leaves nothing in return.

The ironic part now is the more the PTP open their mouths, the worse it is for Thaksin and his brand new terrorist charge. It provides the Thai government a very public opportunity to substantiate the reason Thaksin is now charged with terrorism. It allows the Thai Government to Point out the events in greater detail for the eyes of the world. It also completely eliminates any journalist’s misinterpretation of the facts. Giving the Thai government an open microphone is the worst thing now for Thaksin. The government can show proof that will completely support Thaksin being charged with terrorism as being justified and not political. People died, fires were set, and for an American who visited the site of the World Trade center attack in New York shortly after it happened, downtown Bangkok was like Deja vu.

Unfortunately for Thailand, the PTP and the Red Shirts are simply dirty laundry that is being hung in the front yard for all the world to see. Not all Thais are like them, only the ones that have forgotten what they were taught for values, ethics and moral character, and most of all what it is to be Thai.

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