Pinocchio’s real life ‘Pleasure Island’ in Thailand Part 1

In the Pinocchio story there is a place called ‘Pleasure Island’ that is filled with wonderful exciting and fun things. It is also a place of peril and that if you stay too long you eventually turn into a donkey. In the real life Pleasure Island that is in Thailand, it is filled with wonderful exciting fun things as well as perils. The one difference is you won’t turn into a donkey, but there is a good chance you will turn into an ass.

The place is called Pattaya Thailand, and it is an adult playground like non other. There is every form of fun you can imagine for a tropical paradise from Para sailing, scuba diving, beaches, bars, discos and plenty of sex. As Thailand has a reputation of being a sex playground, if Thailand were a sex mine, Pattaya would be the Mother Load vein.

Pattaya is a community that is on the go 24 hours a day. You can sit and watch the main Beach Road change and evolve every 2 or 3 hours into something new. At Dawn roughly 6:00 am there are the morning joggers and beach walkers. By 9:00 am venders have set up shop. By 10:00 am many beer bars open and an early crowd starts to wander in. By 1:00 pm some of the Go-Go bars start to open and almost all bars except the evening Go-Go bars are open. By 3:00 pm free lance prostitutes start to appear in greater numbers. By 6:00 pm things start to pickup and the mood of Beach Road changes from beach goers to party goers. By 8:00 pm there is a near continuous flow of people heading out for a night of whatever fits their desires. The vendors for the most part start packing it in and only store fronts remain into the evening. The party mood continues to rise to about 1:00 am and then a slow decline to about 5:00 am as revelers walk, ride or stagger back home often in the company of someone they had just met. Then the cycle starts all over again.

There are basically 4 groups of people that you will find in Pattaya. There are Thais who live and work there who are not part of the sex industry, and then there are the ones that are. There are non Thais who are on holiday and the ones that live there. This story will cover all four groups.

In general Pattaya is a world onto its own, and no matter who visits there is subject to the same perils of police who can rotate their heads 180 degrees to look the other way, or fine you on your shoe being untied. Needless to say law enforcement is not universal, it is very selective based on who pays who for what. But all that aside Pattaya is a great place to have fun if you stay in control of your senses. Loose control and you will discover the dark side of Pattaya that is Pattaya eats peoples lives leaving many in dismal despair.

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