Pinocchio’s real life ‘Pleasure Island’ in Thailand Part 2

For many Thais Pattaya is a place a lot of money can be made. But as the world is not the wonderful loving and caring place that Catholic schools teach about, there is a price to pay for that big money.

It is no secret to Thais that Pattaya offers many opportunities to access money from beyond the borders of Thailand. Some Thais head to Pattaya in search of a husband, some head there for work that is not part of the sex industry, and some go with the specific intent of partaking in the sex industry. But because no plan is perfect Pattaya does offer many things with plenty of defects.

Thais in search of a foreign husband will find plenty of men, but unfortunately most are sex tourists not looking for commitment at this particular time in their lives. But then again if the young Thai woman can manage to capture his heart, she may have lucked out and found love.

There is at least 1 village in Surin (a Provence in northeast Thailand) that has used Pattaya to prosper. Many families from that village pack their young virgin daughters into a bus and take them to Pattaya looking to sell their virginity for a significant chunk of cash. Many of these girls are between 15 and 17 years old. What often happens is the charm of a young innocent Thai wins over the heart of the man who deflowered her as she is encouraged to stay with him and not make it just one round of sex. So at this point the man feels he is about the luckiest man in the world to have a young beautiful Thai as a girlfriend. So to keep her for himself he sponsors her to return to her village in Surin so she will not be with other men.

The pitfall of this is because she is under 18, he can not get a visa for her to return to his home in whatever country he is from. So she will be receiving money from him every month to stay at home and wait for the time he can get her a visa. That amount of cash is often much more than the actual need.

But not all stories have such a happy ending. There are many Thais who go in search of money and not love. They end up working in various places from restaurants to hotels to massage. Some may even try to set up their own small vending business. Some may take a job as service staff in a Go-Go bar and eventually fall prey to the temptation of money. What they make in a month can be made with 2 or 3 men in a bed. So before long the girl has traded in her working uniform for a chrome pole to dance with.

There are many more Thais who simply can not make the cut in Pattaya and for them there is loss of face as the entire reason they are there is to support their family back in the village they came from. That can lead to decisions that are unfortunate to put it in a nice way in a place that is so different from the loving and caring village they call home.

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