Pinocchio’s real life ‘Pleasure Island’ in Thailand Part 5

Pattaya however is a fun place that can be experienced by everyone. The only people that truly need worry are the people who lack self control, and being a novice in this place of extremes and temptation. If you are a skier, Pattaya is most certainly a black diamond trail.

A fresh first timer to any place quickly falls prey to people who look to take advantage. This is universal any place you go. Just take a trip to some holiday tourist trap near your home, and the first thing you will notice is the prices are ridiculous. Food is about 125% to 200% of what you would pay and services are also just as absurd. But to the novice without the experience of local price comparison, the higher price is accepted with little or no question.

However because Pattaya offers so many different things, not everything is over priced. You can go to a basic restaurant for Thai food or you can go to a fancy restaurant and pay more for the same food. It is up to each person to decide on the surroundings they eat at, but the extra cost is spent pleasing your eyes and offers no nutritional value. Thai food is basic and simple so paying extra for a fancy setting can be outdone by a street vendor and often is.

The key in Pattaya is not being a novice and having good self control. After a few beers better judgment starts to fade and in a place of temptation, less than good choices are frequently made. Going with friends is often a wise choice as long as collectively there is enough sober brain cells between the bunch to avoid stupid mistakes. So taking precautions to avoid the traps is a wise move by all who look to indulge in the extremes of Pattaya.

But even the best and most seasoned person can fall prey to a scam. So once again the common sense rule is know the person for at least 1 year before accepting advise or entering into any money making venture. Dealing with organized crime and payoffs is all part of trying to have a business in Pattaya, and this makes the cliffs very steep off that mountain road. Even with a sound business plan things are at a handicap, particularly so with bars and entertainment venues. This all contributes to that zero bank account balance and is part of the price to pay to live and work in pleasure island.

So to summarize, this is part of the price of lax rules and law enforcement, and that is the real trade off. Live in a place that is an over protective super strict politically correct hell, or live in a place where it is up to each person to watch their own ass. If you have what it takes then Pattaya can be your dream lifelong destination free of stress and loaded with smiles. If not then Pattaya becomes the place your mother warned you about when you were young.

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