Connecting the Dots 1000 posts milestone

Every now and again we need to toot our own horn, and today is just one of those days. Today we have reached post number 1000, and it causes us a moment to reflect.

For many people we expect them to just move on as this is not really very news worthy. After all most people tend to forget significant events like wedding anniversaries or your other half’s birthday unless they use Microsoft Outlook to remind them, so why should they care about us.

But for us this is fairly significant and we were not even setting it as a goal. But now that we are here we have to reflect what it took to get here.

First off it reflects between 500,000 and 600,000 words. It also means about 90 to 100 days of research and composing time based on the time we have put into this. It all started with our first entry on April 26, 2008, and it all seems so long ago. Read it here.

Where we are;

In June this year we were forced to upgrade or sever package simply because we outgrew the basic package.  As a result we can now take advantage of the disk space and start putting more photos in our posts.

Our traffic has grown tremendously as it has tripled from September 2009. Each month we are amazed that we get about 4000 new visitors from around the world. Seeing that our first full month we had only 1294 visitors total, we have come a long way. We know we are far from the biggest but we are also far from the smallest. We contribute our success to accurate predictions as it is a bit of a niche that few have the ability to copy.

Our real numbers for this year according to our servers;

  • July 76662
  • June 66252
  • May 58981
  • April 40892
  • March 47496
  • February 38360
  • January 39046

So for the sake of taking a moment to reflect, we have decided to keep this entry short and spend the time with a cold beer and hot pizza as we feel like taking a well deserved break.

Richard and the Connecting the Dots team.

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  1. How come the picture of this post looks like a tombstone? Are we supposed to connect the dots here?