Sex therapy fact or farce Part 1

We have all heard the phrase sex therapy, but few understand what it is all about. So Connecting the Dots decided to do an investigation and look at the aspects of tinkering with one of our primal instincts and the fallout it may cause.

Perhaps the phrase sex therapy is a political metaphor used by some to get off the hook like Tiger Woods or someone else literally caught with their pants down. In that case the word sex therapy suggest putting water on the fire. In other cases Viagra may be seen as a form of sex therapy meant to stoke the fire. But in each case sex therapy is meant to do something with sex.

So first off we must break things into two groups. Group one is desire, and group two is ability. In the case of Tiger Woods he had both desire and ability, and certainly that is the desire of every man. When either desire or ability is removed, people seek some form of sex therapy be it man or woman to return them to that normal state.

In the case of desire, each person has their own libido or how much the want sex. Some people with a high libido want sex several times a day, when others with a low libido may only want sex one time a month. What is normal and average for most people is 2 or 3 times per week, but that is really hard to nail down. Age and energy reserves have a lot to do with this as well as the amount of free time a person has. Sexual activity tends to go up when people are away from work on holiday.

For the most part sex therapy is geared for increasing desire or ability. As for reducing it, this is not an exact science and perhaps would only be sought where behavior was breaking the law or other such extremes that involved overt sexual advances. In some cases it is just a show to quell other people’s opinions like in the case of a politician in trouble politically because of some questionable sexual behavior.

Reducing a persons sex drive is a but like asking a bird not to fly or a fish not to swim. It is part of our survival as a species to reproduce. Because of that there has never been any real in-depth research into reducing a persons sex drive and there is a bunch of moral and ethical questions if it should even be done. In the past some courts would suggest castration in exchange for no or little jail time for sexual offenders. Needless to say all males reading this are now experiencing some sort of reaction.

As reducing a persons sex drive essentially is going against nature, we must first question the effectiveness of this. How would it be done and what would be the results is an important question. Also if drugs are use, there would most certainly be negative side effects that went well past sex. It most certainly would effect personality as well as drive to achieve in life. Sex is a driving force in our lives even if we never get in bed with someone. With that it becomes difficult not to question Tiger Woods poor performance in golf after he returned to play after therapy, and more importantly what did that therapy involve.

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