Sex therapy fact or farce Part 2

When it comes to reducing a persons sex drive whether it be the intent or fallout of something else, drugs are often involved in one way or another. As with any drug, it has an effect on peoples sex life one way or the other and in most cases a negative effect.

Tinkering with a persons sex drive to reduce it is almost a taboo and may be met with some sort of physical defense by the person who was the target of the tinkering. After all sex is the only natural pleasure we have and for many, remove that and life is not worth living. That is why Viagra was seen by men as a gift from heaven the same as women saw the birth control pill. Both simply allowed us to do as nature intended.

Psychiatric drugs live Xanax or other antidepressants have a huge effect on peoples sex life as it simply becomes non existent. Life becomes vanilla and people do not get upset or motivated by anything. As a result they fall to the back of the pack or if you prefer to the bottom of status ladder and become much more submissive as they simply do not care about anything as motivation has been removed.

On a subconscious level and instinctual level men strive to be an alpha because it is the alpha who mates. Remove that desire and performance would naturally suffer. The drive to be number one would be removed and people would simply be satisfied with whatever. This once again brings us back to question the poor golf performance of Tiger Woods. If his sex drive was extinguished in sex therapy, then naturally so would his desire to win. To sum it up we must ask has sex therapy cost Tiger Woods his alpha status. If the answer is yes, then we must face the moral and ethical question about sex therapy meant to reduce desire. Perhaps that is why little or no research has been done in that direction.

As for increasing desire there are a variety of aphrodisiacs meant to get people in the mood. Oysters and Ginseng are perhaps the best known, and there is a variety of others that increase desire. They should not be confused with things that effect ability like Viagra. Viagra does nothing for desire and without desire Viagra is a useless blue pill.

As desire is a product of a persons mental state, tending to a persons mental state must be part of any proper sex therapy. Stress and anxiety quickly put an end to a persons sex drive and that is part of natures safety valve. As sex is all about reproduction, if the environment is too stressful, then bringing another mouth to feed is the wrong thing to do. If stress levels are too high women will actually stop menstruating thus pausing their ability to get pregnant. Stress and anxiety also are factors in erectile dysfunction.

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