US political power struggle 2010

When you stop and look at all the repackaging that is going on in US politics, you can really take note that there is some very heavy psychology being thrown around this year. This is no ordinary election cycle. This one is all about deception and confusing the voters with things that sound good.

For the past 2 or 3 months Connecting the Dots has watched US politics evolve into some new form that has yet to be named. The concepts are still the same, get votes any way you can. The Washington outsider, the status quo, political uncertainty, backwards, forwards, and a whole slew of other phrases are being tossed around like a game of hot potato. Any or all of the phrases invoke emotion, but little more.

There is plenty of anger as well. Politicians that felt secure 6 months ago already have been given their pink slips at the primaries. The real anger is all about lack of results and politicians thinking about themselves. Republicans are trying to repackage themselves, but have yet to come up with a new plan. So that does mean backwards movement if they are elected, and that is 100% self serving no questions asked. Democrats are struggling with a economy covered in leaches that all have the price of oil on them.

The Tea Party can pull together some wonderful rallies and get emotions running high, but have provided no solid input on how to speed up the economy. All the emotional hoopla coming from the Tea Party movement simply makes voters feel empowered as they now have a gun they can shoot. Unfortunately the gun seems to be loaded with blanks as motivational speeches do nothing except motivate.

One thing that needs to be done is set into people’s minds that the price of oil is the real culprit. So no matter who you have be it Republicans or Democrats, whatever rules, laws, or whatever they make can be quickly destroyed when the price of oil spikes. The Democrats realize this but fear coming out and saying that America is weak without oil from other countries. But anyone who had a taste of the 1970’s oil embargo can connect with that fact and has no need to be told.

But getting back to the politics of 2010, it seems the Republicans are doing their best to act like they are the answer, but in fact they are a significant part of the cause. The Tea Party is all about emotional motivation, but has no substance. And the Democrats are actually on the right track, but are hindered by things outside of the control of all Americans. Looking at other countries around the planet, the Democrats are singing the same song as those countries, and for the most part that logic is beyond US politics.

The US politicians have to deal with educated voters. They can not be fooled as easy as before. So the 2010 game is all about distraction and filler. If they sit down and start to talk about the real issues and start presenting some sound concepts that will help change things, American voters will listen even if it is over their heads. That is not happening with the Republicans or the Tea Party. For them it is all like the back lot of a Hollywood movie studio. The houses there are not real, go around back and you will see a bunch of 2x4s holding it up.

The only reason you hear some from the Democrats is because they are involved in doing it. So some layman explanation is presented to help the public understand.

So when you look at all of this it becomes easy to see the Republicans are trying to trick people into voting for them without offering any new ideas. The Tea Party simply offers some sugar with their tea. And the Democrats are doing their best in a bad situation without admitting the countries weakness straight out, and that opens them to political attacks.

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