Thaksin anxiety returning in Thailand

Even that this is very early in the next round of Thaksin’s attack, the anxiety of once again repeating the cycle that has plagued Thailand is already returning. Call it a sense or whatever, but people in Thailand are all too familiar with this feeling and understanding that it is supported with the eventually reality of unrest and violence.

It was actually a wonderful feeling people had when Thaksin was away from the spotlight. The daily reminder that Thaksin is associated with violence and that whenever he says something it is pushing towards his goal of being the ruler of Thailand was out of people’s minds. But when he saw his Alpha image was slipping away with his supporters, with his advisors blessing or not suddenly he is back in the news almost everyday.

In a recent interview Thaksin who is known to almost always speak the complete opposite of the truth simply reaffirmed the fears people have about his true intentions.

Quoting the Nation;

Me? Plot revenge? No way, says Thaksin

Fugitive ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra has denied he is plotting revenge against rivals in his homeland, but says he “won’t kiss up to anyone”.

The former PM also warned that if both sides do not take a step back, both will lose, according to Matichon, which ran an interview after he rang the paper on Friday and talked about reconcilia-tion and Pheu Thai Party.

“Don’t worry that I think about taking revenge. In my heart, I believe reconciliation is a great agenda. I do not think about taking revenge. I do not have any resentment against anyone. But I will not kiss up to anyone,” he said.

Asked if he wants reconcil-iation, why he hasn’t stopped a political movement that seems to put the country in jeopardy, Thaksin asked why had “harassment against him” not stopped.

Thaksin rejected criticism that Pheu Thai Party was on the way down with MPs defecting to other parties. “Let’s wait and see when the general election is held. The party expelled the two rotten MPs, does this show the party is on the downward spiral?”

So with a typical pattern of testing and probing the resolve of Abhisit and his government, Thaksin supporters are starting to find reasons to gather. The planned marking of the 4th anniversary of the 2006 coup that removed Thaksin will be the first major test. But there could be more than people expect at this gathering.

A gathering like this provides a perfect opportunity for the violent prone trouble makers to stir the pot. Seeing that M79 grenades are still flying about, this crowd provides a very tempting target seeing that the location will be at the site of the May violence in downtown Bangkok. Launching one or more grenades into the crowd would most certainly have the desired effect of prolonging unrest.

But no matter how you cut it, the general feeling is when Thaksin is about, stress and anxiety levels go up. The question is how much longer will this go on before Thaksin is permanently removed from the picture. The feeling of a never ending slew of false starts to do that is driving more and more people to want to take matters into their own hands.

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