Red Shirt fugitive call in rally

Saying that the planned Red Shirt rally on September 19 is not about Thaksin is the name of the game, according to Thaksin that is. The reality as with all things Thaksin says is completely the opposite.  

Getting ready for this yet again Red Shirt onslaught is proving to be cautious. Warnings have been dispatched by various Embassies about the Red Shirts. Some stores will be closed in the area as the likelihood of customers is in doubt, and revitalization events meant to help merchants restart after the last round of Red Shirts have been postponed. The sense of asking a scorpion not to sting once again falls over Bangkok.

The interesting part about this rally is the presenters. Seeing that most all the Red Shirt leaders from the last round are sitting in jail waiting for their day in court or on the run, the faces on the next row of teeth are for the most part unknown. The fact that the guest presenters with name face recognition are 100% pure Thaksin cronies simply says Thaksin will be the keynote speaker using the mouths of others.

As for the fugitives on the run that will be calling in, it seems that the most radical ones are ready to speak. As they essentially will be talking for Thaksin and doing their best to make it not seem that way, it is a fact that only Thaksin would benefit from a rally of this type.

For the most part the government in power now was not the coup makers. The fact remains they were the opposition party that was completely ignored by then Prime Minister Thaksin. Since the coup democratic elections have been had, and punishment for breaking the law has also been handed out resulting in today’s blend of who is in power and who is crying it isn’t fair. But never the less the anger if any will be directed at the people in power now, and that simply says the reason for the rally is not as it says on the box. In fact any mention of Prime Minister Abhisit and his government is simply uncalled for in any memorializing of the events of 2006.

It is a bit hard to say at this point what will be said. But whatever is said will for the most part define a theme for the next round of Red Shirts.

Connecting the Dots is not entirely convinced about this. We still are behind what we said that this simply may be a showing of worthiness to Thaksin by the Red Shirts. But also it will allow Thaksin and the rest of Thailand to gage how the Red Shirts are received or tolerated. If they are very negative then there is little doubt Thaksin will be shopping for a new ride.

Seeing that all the things they are asking for are already in Que to happen like new elections in just over a year, it serves no reason to have this rally other than to perhaps save some face. Because of that uncertainty as to what will happen, we simply will sit back with some popcorn and watch it all unfold.

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