Quran (Koran) burning provides Afghanistan reality check

It is amazing how one very small church in Florida that threatened to burn the Quran (Koran), provided such a very clear picture of the mental state of the Afghanistan people. It very quickly cut past what the US government would like people to believe and gave a reality check on just how tough things are.

The threat to burn the Quran has very simply proven to be a litmus test on the mental state of Islam. The more acid, the more violent the protests. So it is of no surprise that the level of violence in the protests matches exactly the places that terrorist thrive. Moderate anger in some places, and extreme anger in others.

So taking a hint from the building of The Great Wall of China, they used the materials that were at hand. Where there were rocks, the wall was constructed of rocks. Where there were no rocks, the wall was constructed of mud and straw. In the case of the US, they are not building a wall, but more metaphorically a bridge. So when you take a look at the available materials for that bridge, it becomes clear what President Obama wants for 2011 and what the reality of the situation is capable of providing are very different.

But even moving past Afghanistan and looking at the rest of the world’s reaction, it is clear to see the progress of the extremists. If you tax your memory and go way back to the beginning, the goal of the extremists was to bring war between Islam and everyone else. For the most part, they seem well on the way to doing that as patience is wearing thin and is severely frayed. The issue of the Ground Zero Mosque in New York is just one such example. The mind set of many Americans is simply toxic to the visual expansion of Islam. In fact so much it requires the grounding of one person to avoid getting swept away in the emotions surrounding this.

This and more is the reality of the world today, and as Connecting the Dots connects the dots and reminds people of this not so distant past there is a hope some sort of calmness will prevail. Anger should be directed with focus at the intolerant who acted, and not at everyone. That is no different than getting convicted for something that someone else did.

This is all one big mess and it almost seems an impossible task to fix when looking at what materials there are to work with. Considering that the number of extremists today is much more than in the past, it is clear that an assist from technology is needed. For the most part there are few if any TVs in Afghanistan, and that simply seems to fuel the fire of intolerance as people have no way to see other views and allow people to formulate their own opinion. There is little doubt that the simple function of a TV can quench the fire in a single sided environment by bringing balance.

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