Passive global censoring of Internet by free countries Part 2

So the question is blocking and hiding web pages the same when it comes to censorship. Also does that step on various Constitutions that cite freedom of speech or not.

Most certainly the understanding of withholding information to emotionally sensitive people is a good thing to do until they can cope with the added mental trauma. For example they may be laid up in a hospital recovering from injuries the only surviving member of their family. Not being told that bit of bad news helps to heal the body as a feeling of despair is avoided.

So in the desire to avoid a trigger the question remains is this the right way to go about it. The desire not to throw gasoline on a small fire is indeed a sensible one. The fact that this extreme measure is being employed simply re-underscores how volatile the situation truly is. We are clearly being corralled into doing or not doing some things without being told. By hiding information what we think is also being altered. The entire issue becomes very complex as apparently there is significant factual information that is being kept from public view. That can only mean things are much more dire than is generally known.

So pressing on and looking deeper into this increasingly complex issue we find ourselves looking at what things would cause a government to take this level of action. There certainly would be hopes that the situation is indeed extreme, but then there is concerns that political timetables of troops being withdrawn is the underlying reason.

If hiding pages is to keep a politically driven timetable that has little to do with reality, then the hiding of pages is absolutely wrong. If it is to protect American and other troops on the ground in hot spots that could easily be overwhelmed by angry mobs, then it is clearly seen in a different light. But because we do not know we can not even find a dot to connect.

So once again we are back to the starting point with a malfunctioning compass uncertain of what the real reason is. The only facts that are known is select pages that could ignite spontaneous anger without reason are being hidden. Even in cases like ours were we simply point out the facts, being hidden is unsettling to say the least.

This certainly looks to be a good topic to post on in the future. But not so much the hiding part of the story, but the reason for doing so. However the downside to that is no doubt trigger words will be hit and those pages simply becomes wasted disk space on some server as well. It would probably require the creative use of metaphors to get around the keywords, and that alone makes it more of an exciting challenge.

That also means that the possibility of some of what we say becoming private to members only and setting up a sign up option may be soon seen on Connecting the Dots. That simply may provide the excuse we are looking for to do just that. If we do that expect a different tone and more frank discussion on those entries.

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