Thaksin failing to distance himself

Since the end of the Red Shirt siege in Bangkok, Thaksin and his cronies have been trying to force feed the public that they are not the bad guys. However there are just too many dots being seen, spoken, and unspoken that say otherwise.

This is more a case of a trail of bread crumbs and not a clearly marked trail. However in each instance more and more of what is generally felt by the public comes into view. Seeing that it is Thaksin and his cronies that are dropping the bread crumbs, it becomes a classic case of compounding lies to the point that they simply are so absurd they become unbelievable. In fact it has nearly gotten to the point that you expect a lie every time they open their mouths.

In the case of the Pheu Thai Party (PTP), they for the most part are unable to find someone willing to lead the party. Whoever takes that role simply becomes a total puppet and slave to Thaksin. Seeing that Thaksin simply does not care about the face of anyone, and the recent track record of the party, it is almost a sure bet face will be lost along with a significant amount of dignity that may never be recovered. This quickly translates into they know what is already planned and a game of hot potato is underway.

The next fairly significant bread crumb is the attempt of the PTP to distance themselves from the violence. But with a Red Shirt bomber blowing himself up, followed by seeing where he stood in relationship to the PTP and other pro Thaksin groups, it is like being the only person in a field on a sunny day denying that the shadow is theirs.

The absurd suggestions that the explosives came from a place directly linked to someone from another party simply tied the PTP to the bomber in the minds of everyone that was not in some state of denial. The added fact that nobody from the PTP came out and condemned the bomber also reinforced the link.

In another instance when a former Thaksin crony came out and said his former boss wanted him dead and cited some significant amount of money for the bounty. Thaksin reacted with a lawsuit even that his name was never mentioned by the former crony. It is uncertain if a journalist made the conclusion and printed it, but never the less the legal action was directed at the former crony.

However even Connecting the Dots has pointed out that Thaksin never backs down and continues to escalate until he gets his way. Calling a hit on someone is about the only thing left that can be more aggressive than burning Bangkok down. Thaksin’s reaction simply was a form of admitting the accusation of a contract is a fact and not fantasy.

The Men in Black are also tied to Thaksin and each day more and more evidence is uncovered to that effect. Where violence is the theme in Thai politics, Thaksin has been found to be involved one way or the other if not at the core. With total disrespect for laws and others that stand in his way, the visual reminders of this behavior are all over.

The truly sad part is the educational attainment to see this in Thaksin continues to get lower. When young school children walk past the burned out buildings the Red Shirts left behind, questions are raised. The answers they hear can not help but making note of Thaksin if the answers are honest. When children at the tender young age of 8 or 9 are sensing Thai politics, it truly is a shame and is perhaps robbing them of some of their childhood.

This and dozens of less significant crumbs are all placing Thaksin right in the middle of all this, and the more he denies it, the more he is seen to be involved.

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