Political correctness in retreat

There are significant signs showing up in a variety of places that are suggestive that the back of political correctness has been broken. More and more examples are finding their way to the news, and at least for the moment, it does not look like it is a temporary adjustment.

Perhaps the best way to identify this is very simply take a look at 3 days worth of news from 1 year ago, and compare it to the last 3 days. What you will find is people fed up with the sour economy, houses being swallowed by the banks, and unemployment that seems to act like a stubborn stain that refuses to go away. You will also find people much more willing to tell someone to ‘stick it where the sun never shines’ than worry about hurting their feelings.

Certainly there are some hot topics like politics and where not to build a Mosque, but there are more subtle indications on smaller scales as well. People very simply are telling people who are obnoxious and wrapped up in their own little world to get a life.

There has been social attacks based on private information going public that ironically cause the targets of those attacks to take their own life. Not to be crude, but if they were not tough enough for that, then how ever would they survive once the planet really starts to kick our ass once the full effects of climate change kicks in. It is fair to say political correctness contributed to making these people way too sensitive.

On that note, the US may be a super power, but stand the average American up against nearly anyone be it adult or child from a third world country where political correctness does not exist, and what you see is very embarrassing to the American. It becomes very apparent that the American is a very distant second when it comes to coping with the real world beyond the politically correct bubble and simply would not survive very long.

So this refreshing and highly therapeutic return to reality is most certainly needed for the sake of survival. It seems the politicians are incapable of digging us out of the self serving hole they placed us in, so that means we all need to be mentally capable to survive the consequences of the reality of what is coming. Simply survival of the fittest does not only apply to physical ability, but it applies to coping ability as well.

So this change in behavior most certainly may be signaling the end of the politically correct era and putting everyone in the mental gymnasium to start to get back into shape. If someone calls you a name simply deal with it, don’t go crying to your lawyer that you were emotionally damaged. People like that will be the very first to perish simply because they are the weakest. Take a big hint from nature and look at the growing number of disasters that are directly related to global warming, then ask yourself when it will be your turn. You may be surprised to find that reality will possibly come to you before you finish with you lawsuit against the person who called you a name. If that is the case, who do you sue next for placing you in a life challenging situation that is hundreds of times worse than someone calling you a name.

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