Vote for me I will tell you why later

In the US the voter anger at a broken Washington did some damage to incumbent politicians in the primaries, and the ones that survived the first chop of the voters ax are on edge. But now that the first round is done and the winner take all round is up next, some voters are now looking at the hard questions of how will you fix things, and it seems few if any know that answer.

So here we are with just days to go, and the big important questions that are looking for specific answers are getting the fuzzy, dim light-bulb half covered in black paint answers. Quick translation, they have NOT A CLUE and only managed to catch the Tea Party wave to get this far.

So as it was a burst of voter anger that got them this far, and with all cases of out of control anger, the person(s) who gets angry loses out. So in this case it may be the American voters that allowed their anger to provide worse options for the big vote. Given that Washington was broken, and few doubt that it was, the correct fix is replacement parts that fit and are designed for the job. Driving in the replacement parts that don’t fit very well with a hammer just does not cut it. It is a bit like using toilet paper for the roof of your house, as soon as the weather turns bad the roof simply fails.

Now that for the most part that so many campaign ads have gone negative looking at the pasts of candidates, it seems few if any are looking forward where the problems really are. When a candidate looks to take their opponent down, that very quickly translates to they have nothing significant themselves to rise above their opponent.

To the people that do critical analysis, that simply says both candidates are lacking and about equal and at the level of their attack ads. There have been enough (I did not know I was being recorded) stories in the news of late to back that analysis up.

So with new candidates on the ballot who do not have a clue what to do, and incumbent candidates from a broken Washington who tend to vote for their party and not their constituency, don’t be a bit surprised that Mrs. William’s fifth grade social studies class can do a better job. Once the new body is seated and sworn in after the elections, things are likely to go from bad to worse as a feeding frenzy of lobbyists head straight for the fresh meat inside the beltway.

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