Jailed Red Shirts appear abandoned by Thaksin

Based on the actions of the Red Shirt leaders of late, it most certainly appears they do not have the jailed and on the run red shirt leaders best interests in mind. To make an attack on the court that will be deciding a life or death fate of the Red Shirt leaders does not inspire the ‘We care about you brothers’ feeling, in fact it actually inspires the complete opposite.

It is not too hard to imagine they eye rolling and conversations going on inside the jail cell where the Red Shirt leaders are. From their prospective the nest of hornets they must get past has properly been pissed off by their replacements. If hornets don’t connect, chumming the shark infested water they must swim also is another accurate description.

With the Red Shirt leaders mounting an attack on the judges of the court, they have given at the very least the first bit of evidence the judges will consider in the penalty phase of their ruling if the jailed Red Shirts are found guilty. In the penalty phase behavior such as genuine remorse are weighed. So behavior attacking the judges identifies the mood. As the attack on the judges is being carried out by the Red Shirts as a whole and not by an individual, and the jailed Red Shirts have not denounced the Red Shirts, the connection of consideration is sound.

Meanwhile the decision to attack the judges once again must go through the process of consideration as to who would benefit. Seeing that Connecting the Dots already did a process of elimination entry on October 24 called “Thaksin style dirt thrown at Thai court”, there is no need to do a copy and paste for this entry. The considerations are nearly identical, so the logic in that entry also applies here.

Because of that we can only examine other things that are not characteristic of Thaksin. For the most part Thaksin does not think like your average Thai. He thinks things out to conclusion. So that does leave the possibility the Red Shirts did not think it out and launched the attack on the judges on their own. The proof of that will be clearly shown if the complaint against the judges is withdrawn or not. Should it remain, it would clearly suggest approval by Thaksin. If that is the case then the title of this entry is an accurate description as Thaksin has established they are no longer of any use and can be discarded.

If the complain against the judges is withdrawn, then that would suggest that Thaksin has intervened. However that is a vague assumption subject to several undefined variables. But seeing that the lawyers that are representing the Red Shirts out of jail are the same lawyers that are representing the Red Shirts in jail, the chances of some external undefined variable(s) influencing the decision to withdraw is/are significantly reduced.

Needless to say one can only imagine the thoughts of abandonment and the panic going on in the minds of the Jailed Red Shirt leaders facing a possible death penalty. Fistfuls of drugs from a Thai psychiatrist are very much in order in this case. And even if the Red Shirts do stage some sort of symbolic protest in front of the jail where the Red Shirt leaders are, just dig a little past the face value of that demonstration, and you will see it has little to do with benefiting the Red Shirt leaders in jail.

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