US political makeup changes without new ideas

The American people have spoken through the wheels of democracy and installed not only new politicians, but a directive as well. Unfortunately the box of new ideas on how to fix things is just an empty box, and the Republicans unfortunately are about to fake it and use a lot of future tense words for the next 2 years.

The Republicans admit they have no new ideas, but they have been given a controlling mandate in the House of Representatives to fix it. So what now and what next is the question. Seeing that they have been selling repeal, return and other such backwards movement, Connecting the Dots is starting to see the emergence of  a bigger problem.

It is fair to say many American’s votes were influenced by their survival instincts. Continued unemployment benefits questionable, little if any changes in the economy, and the elusive light at the end of the tunnel is not being seen. So it is understandable why a state of panic may be a dominant feeling to deal with when deciding how to vote. However when people panic little if any thought is behind their actions, and trial and error is what is seen. Unfortunately this looks to be a 2 year trial.

One message that seems to have gotten across to the politicians new or recycled, is stop voting for the party and vote for the people. Whether that message gets through or not is yet to be seen. 2/3 of the US senate was not up for reelection, and how they respond will be a key factor. Senators with elections coming up in 2012 will no doubt be more concerned than Senators up for reelection in 2014. After all the 2014 elections are past the 12-21-2012 date that everyone is keeping one eye on with differing degrees of urgency.

The big concern is and was that the price of oil is the true problem as it can quickly consume any extra money needed to feed the economy. Yet not a peep from any politician admitting that very obvious fact. Not until the price of oil is out of the picture will any political plan work, short of getting the dart board, crystal ball, and Ouija board out of the office of the people who price oil.

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