Bomb voyage

For the most part it seems the illusion of safe air travel has been shaken or shattered with the discovery that bombs can be successfully placed on aircraft by exactly the same people they are trying to stop. That one sentence simply says it all in a nutshell.

It certainly can not be said that terrorist are not persistent, and that very simply confirms that all the Americans that want to pull out of conflicts linked to terrorism are simply living a fantasy spawned from political correctness. The thought of ‘If we pull out so will they’ is only seen is G rated movies, and G rated movies have absolutely nothing at all to do with the real world. To have some similarity with reality you need to be looking at PG13 or R ratings.

Although to say the US involvement in Afghanistan is not having some effect, it has been a while since any successful terrorist activity has come from there. The growing hot spot seems to be Yemen, and that is both disturbing and encouraging at the same time. Disturbing in that it is going on and seems to be gaining some strength, and encouraging because it is a pro US government, but they are reluctant and limiting US involvement.

So for what this means is probably US inspectors will be on the ground in countries that inspection is not up to standards. If that does not happen then forget air cargo, and all will be sent by sea. And sending by sea will most certainly turn up the heat on governments that do not play along. Forget real time deliveries and 4 to 10 weeks at sea will become their new norm for delivery.

Where this goes next is hard to say, but at the very least it does provide a reality check for people still living in a fantasy G rated politically correct bubble of nice words and kind people.

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