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With a recent and well publicized story about a 10 year old girl giving birth, and the even more astonishing remarks from her relatives that they can’t see the issue as births at this age happen all the time, most people would simply say that is way too young. But the simple fact that she got pregnant simply says nature says otherwise.

At Connecting the Dots we do our best to stay open minded about things. But from time to time we find ourselves in a position of controversy because our objective view is in direct disagreement with laws and other self imposed restrictions. In cases like this, we will simply default back to the laws and rules of nature and let the two of them battle it out.

We have done several stories along the lines of early sex. In fact some of the earliest stories we did had to do with the age of consent. But seeing that was some time ago, we thought it was time for another visit.

When we talk about the age of consent we feel the list found at is about the best there is. When looking at the age of consent it is very clear that in most cases it has to do with being both mentally and financially ready to support a baby. Seeing that sex is all about making babies and that making babies is not an unfortunate side effect of sex, we can understand the wisdom. But in cases where the age of consent is 12, we get the strong feeling that they are using natures rules to set the law.

Ironically according to the list, the Vatican sets the age of consent at 12 along with a very few others. Seeing that the Catholic church has such a bad track record with horny priests going after young people, there is plenty of food for another story with that one.

But getting back on track, giving birth at 10 does seem to be pushing the envelope a bit. But the fact that the onset of puberty seems to be coming earlier and earlier, we must wonder if this is natures grand plan or have we simply altered our natural evolution buy once again messing something up. We did a grand job on the planet, and that is already starting to kick out ass with extreme weather, so we would be a bit naive to think we did not do something to ourselves as well.

But wherever early puberty came from, it is here and we must deal with it. Puberty is not only noted by physical changes of the body, but it also is the development of sexual desires. So the fact that young children are having sex, we truly can no longer see them completely as victims of someone older. The reality that they may actively be inviting sexual contact and activity is simply because that is what their hormones are telling them to do. This brings on a whole new meaning to the term “Jail Bait”. Having horny 10 year olds running about is something we must adjust to.

Quoting Time;

A 10-year-old girl gave birth last week in a Spanish hospital, as TIME’s NewsFeed posted earlier today. The new mother’s young age may be shocking, but she isn’t the youngest mother on record by far.

Earlier this year, a 9-year-old schoolgirl in northeast China gave birth to a healthy baby boy. In 2008, another 10-year-old girl in Idaho, who got pregnant at age 9, carried a baby to term. And back in 1939, as TIME reported, Lina Medina of Peru, became pregnant at the age of 5 years, 8 months, and became a mother by age 6 years, 5 months.

Spanish newspapers are reporting that according to the mother of the young girl who gave birth last week, a first pregnancy at age 10 is not uncommon in their native country of Romania. Although we could not find find exact figures for births to children in that country or elsewhere, it is of course well known that teen motherhood is not unusual: the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 10% of girls in low- and middle-income countries become mothers by the age of 16, and 11% of all births worldwide are to mothers age 10 to 19. (More on Moms: Guilty of Driving Their Daughters to Early Puberty?)

Teenage mothers account for 23% of the global burden of disease related to childbirth, according to WHO. There are myriad health consequences to both mother and child, when a young girl becomes pregnant before her own body has fully developed. Mothers under age 16 are four times more likely to die during childbirth and are at greater risk for related conditions including anemia, postpartum hemorrhage, depression and other mental disorders. In addition, 65% of women who develop obstetric fistula — in which a hole occurs in the perineum or between the vagina and bladder due to difficulties during labor — do so during adolescence.

Infants born to mothers under 20 may also be at increased risk of death, compared with babies born to women over 20; the younger the teen mother, the more likely infant death becomes. Babies who survive tend to be premature, have low birth weight and are more likely to suffer from respiratory problems during labor, which increases health risks later on. (More on Another Cause of Early Puberty in Girls: Absent Dads)

In the case of the young Romanian mother, both mom and baby are reported to be healthy and safe. However, the Associated Press reports that Spanish authorities are uncertain about how to handle custody of the baby. It is not immediately clear whether either new parent (the father is also reported to be underage) — or their parents — will get custody.

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