Stained by Thaksin

No Matter how good the intentions, no matter how Noble the mission, no matter about anything good, involve yourself with Thaksin and whatever respect you accumulated during your entire life is instantly destroyed and people start to look at you like dirt. Deputy Prime Minister Sanan Kachornprasart is just starting to realize that because of his accidently on purpose encounter with Thaksin in Norway.

Few people in Thailand wheeled as much negative as Thaksin. In fact it is difficult to think of anyone closely compared to Thaksin in Thailand who can destroy another persons reputation with a simple handshake. The first thought that comes to mind to nearly everyone is, what part of Thailand is that newly tarnished person selling to Thaksin for some self serving gain.

Thaksin is a business man, and he never gives anything without there being something in it for him. Seeing that Thaksin’s single obsession is being the top person in Thailand reigning even over the King, one can only conclude some part of Thailand was offered. There is no other answer that fits. Time and time again events have pointed to this single conclusion, and under the law of averages the same answer will come up once again.

So with that simple meeting Deputy Prime Minister Sanan Kachornprasart had with Thaksin, he is seen now by many as giving up respect for the monarchy, giving up respect for the law, and as a foe to Prime Minister Abhisit. And that is just for starters.

First things first Thaksin is a convicted and sentenced criminal, and only criminals associate with criminals in the court of public opinion. Any politician in their right mind should steer well clear of criminals on the run. But with Deputy Prime Minister Sanan Kachornprasart reputation of being an old school power broker, suspicions of dubious wheeling and dealing stains him even more than others. Connect all those dots and more than a few discussions will be going on trying to figure out what part of Thailand he has given Thaksin.

The fact Sanan went so far out of his way to say Thaksin did not want anything simply suggest otherwise big time! Add to the fact that this meeting was announced several days before, and that after the meeting it was cited as a chance meeting, one can clearly see the lies are certainly flowing in abundance.

Connecting the Dots does not want to make any predictions on this just yet, but if we were of the betting type, our money would be on change of title for Sanan in the very near future in the direction of downgrade. Welcome to your dance with the devil Khun Sanan, take extra care when doing the dips and back steps.

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