Wikileaks good or bad Part 5

With just the smallest fraction of what WikiLeaks has to release out for public display, the fallout is enormous by all accounts. With government after government condemning the leaks, it is a bit amusing that they are not condemning the content.

The growing fallout that is just starting to break the surface is the general public is just starting to realize how much they have been deceived and lead astray. There are indications that tinkering with the machinery of justice is common and perhaps chronic. For the most part preferential treatment is clearly being offered, all while saying it is not. Diplomatic immunity has become a magic shield that seems not to be fixed to a person and is stretched as needed to cover a few extra people in the time of need. There are too few dots at this point to nail specifics down, but there most certainly is an organic odor that is noticeable.

If this is the start of a trend, then WikiLeaks will some day be seen as the great equalizer and provider of transparency. The anger displayed about some of the leaks has absolutely nothing to do with placing people in harms way, but it has to do with wheeling and dealings that seem to side step the law that is suppose to be equal for all.

If there is some select order that has been chosen by Wikileaks, then releasing information that could place people in harms way could be left for last or not at all. Releasing information that shows ‘Do as I say and not as I do’, then most certainly this could shake governments to their deepest roots and raise a revolt of sorts.

Imagine if you would what this would do to the legal system if a double standard is proven. Convictions could be tossed out, and a whole new set of charges be brought against the government by the people. If those cases show innocence where WikiLeaks has clearly shown guilt, then needing to wait for December 21, 2012 will not be necessary.

This clearly is a direction Connecting the Dots will follow in future entries, and there is plenty of dots to be connected once they are found. Some of the biggest dots we suspect would be about the diameter of the Washington DC beltway that circles Washington.

Part of a periodic series.

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