Thaksin Red Shirts losing traction

If you step back and look at the content of the last few Red Shirt rallies, you will notice a few things. There seems to be little traction to move past a few issues, and for the most part the Red Shirts were the reason the issues happened.

In a quick summary that is classic to people associated with Thaksin, the latest Red Shirt rallies have simply been crying ‘It Isn’t fair’ as they want to ignore or avoid the fallout of their actions. This was typical crying when they first got a sample of the 2007 Constitution’s teeth.

Moving on to new issues seems impossible and trying to transfer the blame of their actions to others is about all that is in their bag. It is like trying to place the blame on dynamite exploding because they lit the fuse. It was the Red Shirts that turned downtown Bangkok into a fortress with bamboo walls and bombs, it was the Red Shirts that burned the buildings, it was the Red Shirts that did a lot of things. But when they forced the hand of the Thai government, they only look to blame the Thai government and not themselves.

Selecting anniversary days of their eviction is truly scraping the bottom of the barrel. There are no real issues that are new, and the trickle of information on who shot who is still secondary. If the Red Shirts disbursed when told to do so, there would be no deaths to hash over and argue about. This is all about cause and effect with the Red Shirts trying to ignore they were the cause. The intent to use violence was always in the Red Shirt’s plan, so with that plan there are negative consequences.

There is also the possibility they could be pissing off the court as well. By demanding the release of people in jail who are waiting for their day in court for capital crimes that carry the death penalty, they could be seen as in contempt of court by challenging the judges decision.

In short there is no new reasons to rally that are apparent, and in cases like this they would invent one if there were a real drought. The clearly orchestrated issue that found the judges on You Tube is one such example. But as it is, eventually it all comes back to haunt them once the dots are connected as to who did what and why.

What will happen in the coming weeks may change as the State of Emergency is lifted, but for now there is no traction and making problems only seems to be counter productive at the moment.

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