WikiLeaks good or bad Part 6

When we hear about the US military blocking access to WikiLeaks so that military personnel can not read it, the first and most obvious question one would ask is why. These are the people in harms way and one would naturally think that the more you know the safer you are.

This is just one of those things that may make you want to flip to saying WikiLeaks is a good thing, particularly so if you were on the fence. Certainly there is a need to know protocol about some things in the military, but we are talking about what is now spilled milk and no matter how much the US wants, they no longer are state secrets.

But as with any banned book, it will be sought after like wildfire during the next leave. Rest assured looking at that spilled milk will be a top curiosity following shortly after catching up with their lovers and spouses.

There is a clear underlying anger that is seeping up between the cracks. For example the amount of bail set for the WikiLeaks founder is extremely high for an alleged crime of that nature. Add to that the added requirements like tracking bracelets and you can see all the denying that this is not political just does not make sense. There are already way too many dots to say otherwise.

This does bring up the issue of honesty and lying. It would seem that the dots point to the US government lying, and that is far different than withholding information. If that is the case then this is damage after the fact. One statement says they are looking for some legal avenue to arrest the WikiLeaks founder, and in the same breath they say they are not influencing Sweden or Great Britain on the court case. That is a bit like saying rain is not wet. Rest assured they are busy generating a bunch of cables that are even more interesting than what politician from another country has bad breath.

The longer this drags on the worse the US looks and the better Wikileaks looks. It is a bit like being embarrassed or shamed as some judges may do to some people as a form of punishment instead of sending them to jail. To have some offender do community service wearing a shirt with his crime on it is on par with this.

The ironic part about this is freedom of expression pulling in two directions. The US government wants what was expressed to be kept secret, while WikiLeaks wants it public. It is easy to see what one matches the US Constitution and what one does not.

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